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It’s easy to make assumptions based on the stereotype of a federal-decision maker. We have our preconceived notions of who they are, where they live and work and how we believe they seek out relevant content for their agencies.

However, it’s time to stop running marketing and awareness campaigns aimed at federal agencies using tired, old thinking. To that end, a Federal Content Marketing Review survey provides clarity and data about what’s really involved in reaching federal decision-makers effectively – and busts a few myths in the process:

Myth #1: Most decision-makers are located in Washington, D.C.

It’s easy to assume everyone you want to target will be in Washington DC. While this may have been true decades ago, it is certainly not the case for many major agencies in 2018. In fact, roughly 70 percent of federal decision-makers are located outside of DC.

A great example is NASA, which is headquartered in Washington, but has a massive presence across the United States, particularly in Texas and Florida. If you’re focusing your efforts exclusively on Beltway-area events, you would be ignoring many influential decision makers within NASA. When targeting an agency, it is critical to understand where all of the influencers are located, not just the top leaders.

Myth #2: Decision-makers can only be reached from 9 to 5

When you focus your marketing, staying within business hours means you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to reach people. It has been a persistent myth that federal employees are only engaged during work hours and they tune out when they leave the office. This simply is not true with today’s technology, as federal employees – like their private sector counterparts – access work-related content at all hours.

It’s not only when they are home either – there are plenty of opportunities to engage with people on the move. For example, many federal leaders within the Beltway are stuck with long commutes, either in their cars or on the Metro. What do they do during these long commutes? Many turn to podcasts – a potentially new avenue to provide your value proposition to decision-makers in a fun, unique way outside of normal work hours.

Myth #3: Decision-makers have limited access to content

Another persistent myth has been that federal employees are confined to researching products and services on work devices that have limited or restricted access. While this may have once been true, time has rendered that notion obsolete.

The recent survey of federal decision makers found that more than two-thirds access content and conduct research on their own personal devices. This pairs nicely with the second myth of reaching decision makers outside business hours, as federal employees will use their time off work to research a particular problem or product that might address their agency’s needs. To do so, they will likely use their personal device free of content restrictions.

Successful outreach and marketing to federal agencies depends on how well you can identify key decision-makers and connect them for the resources they need. By keeping these myths in mind, you can beat out the competition and deliver your message directly to the right people.

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