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5G, IoT & AI: A Look at Top Trends From Mobile World Congress


Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry and this year it took place from February 28th to March 1st in Barcelona per usual. It’s no surprise that companies from around the world come to MWC to leverage their message and upcoming announcements in front of a diverse audience, but many see the event as an arena to address important trends going on in the industry. That said, what stood out to us most this year?

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Q&A With a Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Alexis Loar

What do you do at Merritt Group?

I am an intern here at Merritt Group from George Mason University and I do a little bit of everything. I have been assigned to a variety of clients within the different groups where I am able to work on different tasks like media lists, briefing docs, pitching, content development, coverage sweeps and wherever I am needed.

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3 Ways to Sharpen Your Content Marketing Game


2018 is well underway, and implementation of your editorial calendar should be in full swing. Take a well-earned moment to a step back and gaze proudly on what you’ve accomplished so far this year, but now it’s time to plug ahead as you continue to deploy and optimize your content marketing strategy for the rest of Q1 and beyond.

As you do this, here are three key strategic considerations to manage your visibility, traffic and engagement all of which will have a powerful top-right impact on your volume of top-of-funnel or marketing-qualified leads.

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Personalized AI: A Powerful Tool For Enterprises Is On The Horizon

What will your customers want tomorrow? What strategic decisions should you make today to hit those metrics? Getting the answer to these questions may soon be as simple as asking your very smart digital assistant, thanks to an emerging technology — artificial intelligence (AI).

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What Marketers Need to Know About Geofencing


It’s no secret that location-based technology is opening up a world of possibilities for marketers. In fact, GeoMarketing is one of the hottest terms in marketing right now — but what does it even  mean, and how can organizations use it to communicate with their customers and stakeholders?

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How to Make a Splash in the Federal Space Without Wading into Political Controversy


A challenge that we often run into in MG’s Government Practice is how to effectively sail the seas in this controversial political climate to help our clients to make a splash without rocking the boat. The seas are rough and it seems easier to just stay out of the water completely.

It’s understandable that some companies avoid policy talk altogether because they feel like it eliminates risk and therefore protects their brand. If you don’t touch controversy you’re better off, right?

Yes and no.

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What Google Chrome’s Ad-Blocking Technology Means for Marketers


Google Chrome, which owns 56 percent of global browser market share, rolled out its integrated ad-blocking technology last week. Google will be determining what ads it deems as “bad” by blocking display ads that automatically play sound, “pop” with countdowns and ads that stick to the top of your browser and follow you down the page. These ads don’t meet newly created standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads, a group of Internet companies, digital advertisers and publishers.

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You Have a Great Product, Now Craft a Great Story

The key to telling a successful product or service story is knowing what kind of audience you want to reach and then putting your solution into a relevant context for that audience. Often times, this means you must look beyond the technical details of your solution and explore the wider significance of why your industry peers will find this announcement relevant.

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When is the best time to hire a PR agency?


Hiring a public relations (PR) agency, especially for smaller and more nimble startups, can often be a substantial investment from a budgetary and resource perspective. While the measurement for the effectiveness of PR is clearly becoming more tangible as part of today’s digital and metrics-driven world, the decision to hire any external vendor may appear as a risk when the return on investment is unclear.

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Q&A With a Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Sophia Xepoleas



What do you do at Merritt Group?

I’m an Account Executive for the Business Technology Group at Merritt Group. I support accounts by managing day-to-day initiatives and advising on media relations.

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