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Merritt Group is a nationally-recognized, integrated strategic communications agency that combines public relations, content marketing, performance marketing and creative services expertise together with deep technology and industry knowledge to reach, engage and convert your buyers faster.

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At Merritt Group, we are family. We are go-getters, authentic, and love a balanced and fulfilling work life. We’ve been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by both Washingtonian magazine and Washington Business Journal.

The heart of Merritt is the heart of our community. We give back through volunteer time off, our holiday Merry Week of Giving and our pro bono support.

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Our leadership

Alisa Valudes Whyte

Senior Partner & CEO

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Tom Rice

Executive Vice President, Partner

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John Conrad

Executive Vice President, Partner

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Jayson Schkloven

Executive Vice President, Partner

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Shahed Ahmed

Executive Vice President, Partner

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Michelle Schafer

Senior Vice President, Security and Partner

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Matt Donovan

Senior Vice President, Government and Partner

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Melissa Chadwick

Senior Vice President, Partner

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Colleen Hill

Vice President of Human Resources

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Paul Miller

Senior Vice President of Finance

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Our Partners

“As a Merritt Group ‘long-timer,’ I believe our success is due to our commitment to our core values in everything we do – client service, recruitment, staff management, training, etc. As a management team, we live by treating our staff the way we’d like to be treated.” – Tom Rice

20 years anniversary

“Merritt Group’s culture of collaboration, trust and respect starts with the partners and is pervasive throughout the agency. Everyone’s experience is valued and everyone’s voice is heard. Plus, our size and diversity of skills/offerings make us both agile and competitive. I’m proud of what this agency has achieved, the kind and hardworking people that comprise it, and what lies ahead.” – Erin Dixon

“I love the community-mindedness of Merritt Group. Many organizations may pride themselves on prioritizing a “culture of care” but MG’s extends beyond the appreciation we have for each other and reaches into our communities. Whether it’s volunteering within our own neighborhoods through the paid volunteer-time-off program or gathering the entire agency for one of our semi-annual weeks of giving, our Merritt Group team is committed to leaving every situation better than we found it.” – Katherine Nanney

 Cara Masessa