Monster Government Solutions is dedicated to helping federal agencies find, hire, and develop the best talent. In order to raise awareness of next-generation recruiting best practices, empower agencies to attract and engage Millennials and Gen-Z in meeting their missions, and drive interest in Monster recruiting solutions, Merritt Group partnered with Monster Government Solutions to launch the Monster Next-Gen Recruiting campaign.

The Monster Next-Gen Recruiting campaign was a thought-leadership-focused content marketing campaign that fostered awareness of the concepts and ideas that would help agencies recruit the next-generation federal workforce, for example, the need for agencies to create compelling brand narratives and rich digital experiences to attract aspirational next-gen talent.

The Monster Next-Gen Recruiting used a multi-channel approach, consisting of print, digital, social and direct touchpoints, to deliver branded content intended to nurture target audiences through the stages of the buying decision process. Merritt used a combination of print ads in Government Executive Magazine, sponsored social posts on Facebook and Twitter, and direct email marketing to drive audiences to a centralized campaign landing page/resource center that featured an infographic wall poster, compelling blog posts, and gated Next-Gen Recruiting slick sheets, among other content assets.

The Monster Next-Gen Recruiting campaign was a major great success producing:

• Increased awareness: More than 200,000 new impressions
• Increased website engagement: More than 3,000 visits to the recruitment resource center
• Marketing Qualified Leads: 23 MQLs handed over to the federal sales team

Based on the success of the initial campaign, Merritt will be working with Monster Government Solutions on phase two of the campaign in 2017 — shifting focus from thought leadership and awareness to product marketing for specific Monster solutions.

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