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Performance Marketing
Our performance marketing team can help you influence the micro-moments in your buyer’s digital and offline journey to increase your sales and topline revenue. We help our clients master data and audience modeling, platforms, creative and targeting to drive right-time utility for the buyer – all to accelerate lead flow, reduce cost per lead and increase sales.

Performance Marketing Solutions

Messaging and Positioning

A core competency backed by decades of experience, we help our clients cut through a noisy market with crisp, fresh messaging and differentiated company positioning that informs marketing and sales.

Creative and Design

Our designers work hand-in-hand with our digital marketing teams to take a dynamic, fail-fast approach to ads that ensures your creative is always relevant to your target audience. At the same time, our clients get the economies of scale of combining creative and digital marketing within one agency.

Audience Modeling

We know that our clients’ targeting is only as good as their audience data. Whether it is the C-suite, line of business executives, government agency leaders or practitioners, we help you build smart audience profiles, matching ICPs, to more accurately target prospects who are in-market for your products and services.

Marketing Technology Consulting

We have helped dozens of clients build their MarTech platform from the ground up, integrating tools like marketing automation (i.e., Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot), CRM (i.e. Salesforce, Dynamics CRM), CMS (i.e., WordPress, Drupal) and databases to optimize MarTech performance and usability.

Dynamic Paid Targeting

Whether using an account-based approach or contact-level prospecting, we help our clients maximize every dollar spent. We activate test budgets, analyze media consumption data in near real-time and score channel/platform performance to develop a model that works specifically for our clients businesses and their target buyers.

Content and Website Personalization

We develop dynamic on- and off-site content personalization to drive more website traffic, conversions and qualified leads for your business. And, using a data-first approach, we perform contextual data appends on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Programmatic media to drive more engagement and influence buyer behavior.

Websites Design and Development

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing, which means it needs to engage with striking visuals, brand, messaging and content. At the same time, the site has to be optimized for search and conversion, with a CMS that allows for easy updating. We use experience and best practices in all of these areas to build award-winning websites.

Search Engine Optimization

We combine a strong knowledge of evolving search algorithms and related onpage and off-page optimization best practices with a deep understanding of our clients and their markets to create content that engages both the algorithms and the target buyer. It is this combination that makes our SEO stand out.

Increasing Sales Meetings by 25 Percent in 90 Days

In late 2017 Indentrix rebranded as Endera. To reintroduce the company to the security market and drive sales, we came on board and drove a 65 percent increase in top-of-funnel leads – driving over 350 new prospects into Endera’s marketing database over just a 90 day-period.


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