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Marketing Analytics

Harness crucial data and extract a compelling brand story with strategic marketing analytics solutions. Arm your marketing and sales departments with actionable data, scale-out dashboards and manage alerts for SMART goals to streamline lead generation planning.

Marketing Analytics solutions

Strategic planning

Identify quantitative data across websites, paid media platforms, product analytics, user experience surveys, and other sources to create SMART goals. Leverage this data to optimize current and future marketing campaigns for success.

Database marketing

Pull meaningful data to craft a more personalized and relevant marketing message for your target audience. Mine and analyze first-party customer data to gain a deep understanding of wants and needs, then organize your audience into micro-segments for hyper-focused marketing initiatives using the latest marketing automation technology.

Surveys & questionnaires

Gain a first-hand perspective of your customer experience through well-thought-out surveys and questionnaires built around your product and services. Gain actionable data you can capitalize on to improve offerings.

Real-time dashboarding

See the success of a campaign through real-time dashboards to inform product, marketing, and leadership teams. Each dashboard serves a unique purpose and tells a story with metrics to drive home value for stakeholders. Free up your schedule while staying informed about the success and trajectory of your marketing campaigns by keeping everything you need to know at a glance.

Marketing analytics enablement

We help build a marketing analytics foundation for clients to leverage on their own to enable future marketing efforts. Our deep-domain experts create blueprints for transforming data into unique and compelling narratives for your company to reach its unique marketing objectives.


Capturing 500 Leads from a Single Premium Asset

Avizia needed to raise its brand awareness as a leading telehealth provider and accelerate its sales growth. Our work drove a 57 percent increase in organic website traffic in 90 days, a 36 percent landing page conversion and hundreds of qualified leads.

Our Marketing Analytics process

First, we take a deep dive into client analytics and data sources to identify strengths, opportunities, and potential areas of improvement. We then create customized real-time dashboards for your unique company that helps drive decision-making for product, marketing, sales and leadership teams. Our marketing analytics specialists set up alerts that are mapped to your SMART goals to ensure accountability, reduce client meetings, and eliminate hand holding. As your “data broker,” we’ll help clean up first-party data, bridge the gap between other crucial analytics, and pull a distinct story from key analytics.

Your market, our mission

We’ve spent decades refining our marketing analytics efforts in focused B2B and B2G industries to empower sales enablement, marketing campaigns, and branding efforts holistically. We’ve become intimately familiar with certain industries’ unique environment and analytics landscape by specializing in emerging tech, government, security and healthcare marketplaces. Our expert strategists, consultants, and marketing teams offer unmatched familiarity with your market, pulling and leveraging crucial analytics to inform future endeavors.

Why Merritt Group?

Our nationally-recognized and award-winning marketing teams live and breathe data. We arm clients with valuable analytics, provide transparent reporting dashboards, real-time metrics and helpful alerts to supercharge campaigns. At Merritt Group, we equip departments with data that streamlines product and service roadmaps, illuminates SMART goals and steers company objectives towards success. Through decades of experience in your distinct industry, we’ve developed marketing analytics strategies and implementations around your unique customers to pave the way for lead generation.

Nothing is more valuable than data in the B2B and B2G marketplace. We’ll help you leverage first and third-party data to their full potential, unearthing a compelling story your marketing department can capitalize on. Discover how we can help your brand with marketing analytics services today.


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