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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Unlock the true potential of search engines through targeted SEM campaigns aimed at your customers and clients. Boost traffic and gain high-value leads to help drive sales and expand your business. Take control of relevant Google searches around your industry, product, and services — placing your brand’s website in a position to be found fast.

Search Engine Marketing solutions

Keyword research

Discover low-cost and high-converting keywords that your customers use each and every day. Set easily manageable budgets through easy-to-pivot PPC keyword bids to maximize your reach on search platforms. Conquer relevant keywords and optimize content for long-term SEO approaches to search engine marketing.

A/B Testing

Partner with our highly experienced copywriters to develop influential copy for branded text ads that convey the right message at the right time. Utilize compelling call-to-action (CTA) that boosts sales by triggering conversions. A/B test your copy and CTAs to develop the best possible response rates.

Organic SEO

Harness organic search traffic with an SEO strategy that combines on-page and off-page tactics for higher rankings. You need a robust SEO strategy that pairs evolving understandings of search algorithms with in-depth market and client knowledge for unmatched results.

Local SEO

Take a more localized approach to search engine marketing by doubling down on searches in your area. Take charge of Google’s proximity factors and localized keywords to boost conversions from potential clients and customers near your business.


Pay-per-click, also known as PPC, gives you immediate access to massive increases in highly targeted traffic. Skyrocket to the top of Google’s search results to gain more traffic, generate brand awareness, and capture leads through targeted ads on your favorite search engines.

Transparent performance reporting & analytics

See your marketing spend through easy-to-use tracking tools, campaign analytics, and executive-level dashboards for all of your search engine marketing efforts. Tweak your campaign efforts based on the evolving market and conquer the ever-changing landscape of search through transparent analytics.

Our Search Engine Marketing process 

Meet with senior-level marketing experts to craft actionable strategies based on your business objectives. Overcome market challenges by pairing search engine marketing tactics with existing advertising and public relations efforts for a synergistic process that captures valuable leads. We’ll work with you to develop attainable keyword relevancy and craft stead-fast campaigns to help you reach your marketing objectives. Adjust as you go by A/B testing ad copy to pinpoint the perfect influential verbiage to convert.

A shared market 

You understand your market better than 99% of marketing agencies. Our 25-year history of driving results in B2B technology and the Federal market gives us an intimate familiarity with niche clientele, high-level executives, shifting industry focuses, and more. This same industry expertise allows us to navigate keyword and competitor research without friction, empowering our shared efforts to elevate your search engine marketing tactics to succeed.

Why Merritt Group 

We’re a nationally recognized digital marketing agency looking to help clients like you obtain higher rankings or simply boost valuable traffic with the help of search engines. You cannot ignore the overwhelming importance of being found on search. Whether it’s local traffic, organic leads, or targeted PPC ads — search engines provide a fruitful environment for reaching your audience. You need a marketing agency that understands your market, challenges, and solutions to enable your sales department through SEM. 

We live in a world where Google and other search engines like it can act as a catalyst for your brand. As your trusted search engine marketing team, we’ll be by your side to research relevant keywords, shift PPC focus, and rank your business higher than ever before.


Shahed Ahmed

EXEC Vice President, PARTNER | Tom Rice's Linkedin

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