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Content Marketing

Stop wasting time and resources on content that doesn’t provide a return on your investment. Drive the buyer journey forward faster with content marketing strategies that optimize storytelling, asset creation and promotion for maximum digital, print or video impact.

Content Marketing solutions

Messaging and positioning

Our deep domain expertise combined with research and data-based approach delivers impactful narratives that move the right audiences. Backed by decades of experience creating spaces for our clients to own, we ensure your brand’s differentiated story stands out. 

Content strategy

We believe content strategy is defined by your customer’s journey, which means content should exist only to move the buyer down the sales funnel. Our strategic planning expertise and deliberate execution maximize impact to ensure your assets drive business outcomes.

Content creation

Strong content development begins with asking the right questions, properly framing your value proposition and eliciting emotion. We know the ins and outs of your market to get to the core of the story faster, whether creating bylines, blogs, technical whitepapers, eBooks, videos, interactive infographics, research surveys, webinars, social media or other assets.


Event videos, animated explainers, thought leadership, whiteboard, 360-degree VR tours, drone footage, live streaming — you name it, we can produce and promote your story in a high-impact, visual way. Bring your content to life and engage your clients and customers through compelling video content.

Content performance, reporting & content analytics

Volume does not equal impact when it comes to content development. We focus on creating only the assets that will move the needle. Plus, we deliver campaign and executive-level dashboards to measure your content’s impact and optimize campaign performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our content marketing strategists and writers know how to craft compelling stories tuned to your keywords and optimized for SEO. From compelling website copy designed to rank to digital assets that will help you drive backlinks, our strategies make sure every asset you produce is working overtime for your campaigns.


Capturing 500 Leads from a Single Premium Asset

Avizia needed to raise its brand awareness as a leading telehealth provider and accelerate its sales growth. Our work drove a 57 percent increase in organic website traffic in 90 days, a 36 percent landing page conversion and hundreds of qualified leads.

Our proven process

Our market focus and expertise give us an unmatched ability to achieve results fine-tuned to resonate with your audience. Our senior-level strategic team of veteran content marketers, writers and producers help your brand blaze new trails throughout the digital frontier. We assess your goals, uncover what motivates your audience, then develop the data-driven strategies and content assets that will drive engagement and leads — all of it measurable and focused on business outcomes. 

Your market is our market

You’re focused on B2B and B2G tech buyers and influencers. So are we. Our deep industry knowledge and talented creatives enable us to craft inspiring content aimed at your target demographics. We speak their language, understand their pain points and can create messages that show them how their challenges will be a thing of the past… with your help.

Why Merritt Group 

The digital landscape has become increasingly competitive — we offer tailored content to help you stand out in a noisy world. Our reputation as an award-winning, nationally recognized strategic communications agency is based on substantial market expertise that allows us to deploy the right strategies to drive the customer journey forward. We bring marketing objectives and the sales funnel to life through strategic content aimed at addressing your target audience’s challenges. 

We are truly an extension of your team, crafting engaging and influential content that converts for a meaningful return on investment. At Merritt Group, we look beyond the marketing KPIs to achieve milestones that actually move your business forward.


Melissa Chadwick

Senior Vice President of Content    |Tom Rice's Linkedin

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