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Video Marketing

Harness the power of video to captivate your target audiences, showcase brand vision, and drive sales. Connect with decision-makers through engaging video content and specific marketing tactics to stand out in the crowded video landscape. Craft dynamic video that inspires and educates on your website, on social media, in personalized marketing campaigns, via email and elsewhere.

Video marketing solutions

Thought leader interviews

Whether it’s showcasing your executives and experts or thought leaders in your industry, use video to provide insights and best practices to engage your target audience. Our experienced team can help you get the most from your thought leaders to help them shine and provide a differentiated perspective that positions them as experts in your market.

Animated videos

Explain your company value proposition or a complex technology story through animated videos. We help your brand stand out by creating engaging animations that simplify and enliven even the most technical or mundane topics for increased awareness and demand.

Conference & tradeshow video

Whether you’re looking to snatch attention at a conference opener, attract visitors to your tradeshow booths or summarize key points and influential moments post-event, video is the unrivaled solution. Our video marketing department uses advanced production techniques to tell your brand story and make it pop onsite and well beyond the event — delivering continued engagement with a broader audience.

Video advertising

It’s no secret that video advertising is the most potent form of marketing. On LinkedIn, video is now being shared 20 times more often than other types of content. Accelerate growth and enable your sales team by establishing a dominant presence across social media, streaming, video platforms, video ads and more.

Video podcast

Bring podcasts to life by capturing influencers in high-quality video. Turn target audiences into subscribers by engaging on a more human level, sharing more than just the voice, adding body language, facial expressions and micro-moments.

Repurpose static content

Transform blogs, testimonials, product slicks, case studies, company overviews and more into engaging video content. Our team can help elevate your existing content into a wide range of video productions. From animated explainers and interviews to 360-degree virtual interactive tours and beyond — we can help you repurpose your content for broader reach.

Our marketing process 

Video marketing is all about engaging potential leads at key touchpoints with visual storytelling, whether it is bitesize or long-form, to improve knowledge of your company and offerings, and help propel buyers through the customer journey. Our strategic and creative teams understand your unique audiences and their challenges to help you explore better ways to use video marketing. Simply creating videos is not enough. We ensure that a focus on impact is behind every video marketing initiative we undertake for our clients.

Your market, our mission

Rarely do you find a digital marketing agency that shares your industry. We offer unmatched familiarity and deep-domain expertise with your market, thanks to our longstanding experience working in your space. We are a genuine extension of your marketing team that is more than capable of executing marketing initiatives directed at your unique audience.

Why Merritt Group

We are a nationally recognized digital marketing agency that has created award-winning work for our clients. Our reputation is built on delivering exceptional results through deep industry knowledge and talented video marketers who can create professional productions based on your needs. Video marketing has a role to play in all of your marketing initiatives, and it will only continue to grow and expand into every crevice of the digital marketing landscape. We’re here to give you the tools, resources, and productions necessary to accelerate lead generation throughout every stage of the customer journey.

As a trusted video marketing partner in your specialized industry and emerging technology marketplace — we can help curate conversations, showcase thought leadership and bring content to life. Discover how Merritt Group can assist your brand with video marketing solutions today.


Shahed Ahmed

Executive Vice President, Partner | Tom Rice's Linkedin

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