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Performance Marketing

7 B2B & B2G marketing predictions for 2022

While many expected 2021 to be the year that marketing budgets bounced back from cuts made in the wake of the pandemic, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. But with business stable and marketers returning with a vengeance, the forecast is far more optimistic looking...

Protect Your Campaign Budget With Ad Fraud Tools

By 2025, $500 billion per year will be spent on digital advertising. With all that money being spent by companies trying to grab a few milliseconds of attention, the costs of ad fraud can add up quickly. It’s estimated that in 2019 that cost was $42 billion, an...

Marketing Technology: Expectations vs. Reality

  The marketing technology landscape is enormous. According to Forrester, marketing technology tools consume about 20% of the average B2B marketing budget, with over 8,000 tools as of 2021. CRM, marketing automation, content marketing, customer experience,...