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Alyssa_Oursler1.  What do you do at Merritt Group?

I’m an account executive in our east coast office. So basically, I do everything from social media to media relations for my clients. But what I really love is the strategy and storytelling that goes into all those things.

2.  What’s your greatest moment – whether in work, school or strategic communications – so far?

My first job out of school was mostly writing and editing content for a financial news website. I think my proudest moment was probably when the first substantial article I wrote for the site got picked up by our syndication partner, MSN Money. A few lines from another one of my articles were cited in a CNBC piece later on as well – that was pretty cool.

3.  Who do you love to follow on Twitter and why?

I follow all my favorite journalists and businesspeople on Twitter, because I love to be able to see what they are talking about and reading. Twitter is amazing in the sense that it actually lets you interact with people you admire as well. One time, my favorite writer “favorited” one of my tweets to him, and another referenced a video I sent him as a joke in a column. Before platforms like Twitter, those kinds of small but awesome interactions weren’t possible. I try to use Twitter to take advantage of that opportunity when I can.

4.  Android, iPhone or other?

I’ve become an iPhone person, but out of convenience or laziness more than anything else. All my music has been in iTunes for years, so Apple products have always just seemed like the easiest way to go.

5.  What’s your favorite thing about living in the Washington DC area?

Obviously the fact that we have such dominant sports teams! Kidding, but I do still love this area even though our sports teams tend to lead to sadness. The coolest thing about DC probably has to be the variety it offers, despite being a pretty small city. I can hop on a trail and ride my bike from Bethesda to the Georgetown waterfront, play tourist and see the sights on a Saturday, check out a new restaurant every weekend … or simply drive an hour to my hometown in Maryland for a quiet weekend with my family.

6.  What do you love to do when you are not working?

There are few things I love in this world more than playing and watching basketball and catching some live music. But I’ve also been on a food kick recently. I’ve been trying out a bunch of new recipes in an attempt to improve my cooking skills, and also exploring lots of new, delicious restaurants.

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