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Business Technologies That Will Transform Your Enterprise in 2018

The latest developments that encompass the business technology market/space — from artificial intelligence (AI), to digital transformation to blockchain — are so much more than a string of buzzwords — they are a series of solutions that are reshaping enterprises for...

Uber Had a Rough 2017. How Can PR Help in 2018?

Uber has come under fire for numerous scandals over the past year (and even beyond that), ranging from sexual harassment to questionable business practices regarding its app, like monitoring customers long after they left a car. This created a ton of unwanted — but...

The Biggest Trends in Security for 2018

Security — it’s the word on everyone’s lips, from the first-year employee to the C-suite. It may seem hard to imagine what could happen next in this sector, but Merritt Group’s expert Security Practice team has some keen insights on what’s to come for the security B2B...

DOs and DON’Ts for Better Data Visualization

Our time is precious. No one wants to waste unnecessary minutes combing through data and drawing conclusions. Enter infographics and data visualizations. These visual timesavers can be instrumental in helping your clients or customers comprehend your data. Here are a...