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What do you do at Merritt Group?

I am an Account Coordinator within the Cybersecurity Practice group, providing strategic communication support to a wide range of clients in the security industry. Additionally, I manage the Merritt Group LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds – follow us, we follow back!

What’s your greatest moment — whether in work, school or marketing/PR — so far?

In college, I created and led a social media campaign to help empower women on college campuses. Within seven hours of publishing the campaign to Facebook, it went viral – receiving 10,000+ likes, 7,000+ shares and three million organic engagements. It was exciting to see that the campaign reached a large audience and was covered by regional and local newspapers, while also received coverage in Buzzfeed, USA Today and college publications like Barstool.

Who do you love to follow on Twitter or Instagram and why?

I LOVE following Ellen. She provides me the perfect amount of dog, baby and celebrity content to get me through my day. From Ellen’s social media, I found out that I could apply to be an audience member on her show. It is extremely competitive, but I ended up being selected. I will be flying out to California on October 1, so look out for me and my big break on national TV!

Oh, and also @CybraryIT and @merrittgroup (I may or may not run those accounts).

What’s your favorite piece of technology?

My favorite piece of technology is my smartwatch. It helps encourage me to get off the couch.

What’s the one gadget you think needs to be invented?

Honestly, any gadget that would help me learn how to cook (or do it for me).

What’s your favorite thing about living in the Washington, D.C., area?

My favorite thing about living in Washington, D.C. is having access to so many free resources, such as the Smithsonian institutions. I also love taking part in all of the cultural events.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

I love being active! I am a huge outdoor enthusiast and I love running, cycling and hiking. Currently, I am training for my first ultra-marathon (31-mile race)!

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

I am currently reading Born to Run. If you have read it, don’t tell me what happens! I am only on page 13…

What are your podcast recommendations?

Unfortunately, I am still not hip enough to listen to podcasts. Big fan of YouTube though.

What’s your favorite Merritt Group memory?

The 2017 Merritt Group Holiday Party. I wore a cheetah faux fur coat – enough said.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

I probably can’t live without my DSLR camera. In my spare time, I am a photographer and I love capturing memories of my friends and of my travels. Most recently, you will find me taking pictures of Katherine Nanney’s new puppy, Fig Newton.

What’s the most interesting item on your desk?

Hmmm…maybe my huge water bottle? Our section in the office had a healthy lifestyle challenge to drink more water throughout the work day. I brought a huge bottle in and it is quite nerdy (LOL)!

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Want to join our amazing team? Check out our open positions.