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Logos are everywhere, branding everything from our toothpaste to our cars. But how are these logos created? At Merritt Group, we follow an extensive process when designing logos.

Step 1: Research & Visual Brief

Long before we start designing, our team conducts research, holds brainstorm sessions, and creates collages. We look up competitor logos and determine symbols to avoid. We assess color schemes and determine the classification of the brand. (Is this company an Old Navy or a Neiman Marcus?) Once we feel we’ve got a good handle on the brand, we create a visual brief (aka collage). Essentially, we cut out images that we believe best reflect the brand and create a mood board. (Yes, we realize how lucky we are to make collages as part of our job!) Below is an example of a visual brief we created for Neighborhood Health, a local healthcare organization.



Step 2: The Sketch

Once the visual brief has been established, we take out our pens and pencils and begin sketching out logo ideas. The creative team at Merritt Group has very high standards for logo concepts. We aren’t satisfied with creating a symbol that just ‘looks cool’ or  ‘feels hip.’ All our concepts must have depth; a symbolism or significance that directly ties back to the visual brief.


Step 3: Digitization

We select our favorite sketches and begin digitizing them on the computer. We typically end up with about a dozen digital logos. An internal review helps to cull down the number of logos that get shared with the client. Depending on the project scope and the client’s reaction to the visual brief, there can be multiple rounds of digital logos. Below is a sampling of all the digital logos we shared with the client over the course of many weeks.


Step 4: Final Selection & Revisions

After multiple rounds of digital logos, the client makes their final selection. Often the last round of feedback involves minimal tweaks to fonts and colors. Below is the final logo. The creative team at Merritt Group is particularly passionate about logo design. Do you have a brand in need of a refresh? Are you starting a new venture that needs a visual brand? Contact Merritt Group today and give the creative team a reason to make more collages!




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