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Here are the top industry stories for today’s #Friday5 round up: Ice Bucket Challenge, Ferguson, GoDaddy/Mad Mimi, PR Measurement, and ISIS. Join the conversation in the comments or on social media!

  1. What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Content Marketing (Marketing Profs, August 15): At $42 million raised and counting, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a lesson in how to make content go viral. It’s always a little different in the B2B space, but this piece is a good reminder of what it takes.
  2. Media making up the mob: Journalists amid protesters in Ferguson, Mo. (Washington Post, August 20): Ferguson has not just become an interesting case study in media rights, but also about how the press itself can become part of the story. As this piece reports, “Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce said the media have inadvertently created issues.” What do you think about the media’s role and accusations that they’ve played a role in fueling the fire?
  3. GoDaddy acquires email marketing startup Mad Mimi (ZDNet, August 20): Looks like GoDaddy is boosting its ailing email marketing service thanks to the acquisition of Mad Mimi’s platform. The solution goes up against the likes of MailChimp and others.
  4. How to Shift PR From Vanity Metrics to Value-Driven Measurement (Mashable, August 21): Sadly, it wasn’t too long ago that I had a client ask me for an equivalency report and I had to (tactfully) explain to them what a horrible and archaic measurement that was and how we should really be viewing success. As a PR professional, I see no use in “vanity” metrics. I want to be just as invested in my clients’ success as them. I want to know that I’m helping to move the needle forward – not just by setting up interviews, landing stories or pushing content, but knowing how efforts are helping drive overall business success. The new world of PR and marketing needs to be data-driven.
  5. Islamic State Uses Online Strategies To Get Its Message Out (NPR, August 21): The power of social media and online marketing strategies can be used for good, or in the case of ISIS and the James Foley execution, to intimidate enemies and to recruit followers. As shared in the piece, “Unfortunately, I think ISIS is one of the prototypes of 21st century media strategies and communications.”


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