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Here are my top industry stories for today’s #Friday5 round up: PR Museum, YouTube Revenue, NFL, News Corp. and Radio.

Museum to Hone Image of the P.R. Profession (New York Times, September 14, 2014): Who wants to take a field trip to the new Museum of Public Relations?! At the Baruch College in Manhattan, visitors can view artifacts, video interviews and books about public relations. 

YouTube U.S. Ad Revenue To Cross $1B This Year (Newsfactor, September 15, 2014): Not too shabby as you look at how the revenue models have changed across traditional television, Netflix, and other platforms vying for your eyeballs and dollars. As I’ve mentioned in previous roundups, we certainly cannot discount all the work Facebook is doing around video.   

NFL fallout: Domestic violence cases lead some fans to #BoycottNFL (CNN, September 16, 2014): What a prime example for crisis communications, but also the power of social media in driving brands to action.  

News Corp. and Google in a War of Words (New York Times, September 28, 2014): Not to get too lowbrow on you, but some entertaining banter between two conglomerates. But there is a serious undertone to the discussion, “By riffing on one of Britain’s most famous tabloid headlines, Google’s tongue-in-cheek response to News Corporation’s accusations was an attempt to play down an antitrust case that the search engine is battling in Europe.” 

Why radio is not dead, in 5 charts (Digiday, September 18, 2014): Despite iHeartRadio rebranding itself to iHeartMedia this week, it’s interesting to learn that 181 million listen to network radio at least once a week (Nielsen) and radio ads are predicted to grow 22 percent this year (Radio Advertising Bureau). Check out some more of the stats and graphs that point to radio as still alive and kicking.

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