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Here are my top industry stories for today’s #Friday5 round up: Corporate News, Facebook Ads, Ello, Social Media Week and Pew Research: 

  1. The invasion of corporate news (Financial Times, September 19, 2014): Although this technically hit last week, I still thought this story was noteworthy to share since it’s a nice in-depth read. “The lines between journalism and PR are rapidly becoming blurred as business interests bypass traditional media to get their message across.”
  2. Facebook to unveil new ad platform to track users across multiple devices (ZDNet, September 23, 2014): It looks like Facebook is launching an overhauled Atlas Advertiser Suite. The platform collects data not just from Facebook, but also third-party apps so marketers can better understand your behavior. 
  3. Ello, Ello? New ‘No Ads’ Social Network Ello Is Blowing Up Right Now (TechCrunch, September 25, 2014): It was bound to happen sooner or later – a new social network that’s essentially the anti-Facebook. There are obviously pros and cons to Ello, but the rapid membership growth this week is certainly something to watch. Will be interesting to see how long the buzz (and their alternative revenue model) lasts.  
  4. You Attended Social Media Week And Didn’t Even Know It (Forbes, September 26, 2014): Anyone go to the actual conference? Would love to hear your thoughts. 
  5. Forget The Newspaper! Research Says 30 Percent Of American Adults Get Their News From Facebook (CBS, September 25, 2014): Pew Research has come out with some new numbers around where people get their news and social media is certainly transforming the landscape. Facebook leads the pack with 30% of the general population using the site to get their news. The actual report and more stats can be found here.

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