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For years, the assumption has been that federal agencies and federal contractors have different priorities when it comes to business partnerships – but there’s long been a need to gain more clarity. Thankfully, a recent survey sheds light on the issue.

Released in late 2017, the Federal Content Marketing Review surveyed 200 government employees and 150 contractors to identify the most influential and valuable content for government decision-makers during the procurement process. The study points to some interesting perception gaps between government and contractors in the types content that they find most significant.

According to the study, the top three most important content features for government are product specifications (57%), data and research to support content (51%) and past performance/case studies (48%). Whereas contractors prioritize insight from government thought leaders (39%), past performance/case studies (39%) and data and research to support content (37%) as more important. 

Here are the top three takeaways from the study:

#1: The most important content feature for each party is different

Ultimately, it makes sense that government and contractors have different content priorities. That means we need to make sure we’re addressing the specific needs of each target audience. We can derive that that target customers have to believe you are in this for them – that you understand their specific needs as a stakeholder.

#2: Government audiences want to hear about solutions and use cases more than you might think

Do your messages speak of the government’s issues and not solely your solutions? We’ve all heard that the federal media is not interested in doing stories on industry solutions alone. However, this is the information that government audiences depend on. Let them know what is possible – in media placements, as well as in messaging and marketing collateral.

#3: Both parties find data and research extremely significant

Are you leveraging research and information that comes from unbiased, third parties without a stake in the results? Going back to our first point, leaders at federal agencies need to know that contractors are in it for them. Valuable data will go far for your company in helping the government trust your expertise and – by extension – your solutions.

By keeping these survey findings in mind as you put together future marketing and awareness campaigns, you’ll gain a leg up over the competition and ensure your campaigns reach the people it was designed for.

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