Teradata Case Study | How they elevated their story from technology trades to business press

Turning Big Data into Big News

How Teradata elevated its story from technology trades to business press

Merritt Group helped Teradata raise product and brand awareness after it went independent from NCR in 2008 by refining its story to focus on the economic buyer, while maintaining a strong technology and innovation-focused baseline.

Client Description

Teradata is the world's leading analytic data solutions company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics and business applications. Teradata’s client base includes more than 1,200 customers worldwide with companies of all sizes.


Teradata engaged with Merritt Group after the company went independent from NCR in 2008 to raise its product and brand awareness, while competing for share of voice against much larger competitors such as HP, SAP, IBM and Oracle. At the same time, its market was evolving and “big data” was primed to hit the mainstream, yet its existing product story was still very technical.


Merritt helped Teradata refine its story to focus on the economic buyer, while maintaining media momentum behind its strong technology and innovation leadership. We solidified Teradata’s relationship with influencers in the core technology and industry trade publications and blogs, while reaching a new set of business reporters with customer stories, corporate features, compelling infographics and thought leadership content. Steady engagement on blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn amplified the messages delivered directly to key audiences.


During the past five years, Teradata has seen consistent high-profile coverage in publications that typically didn’t write about data warehousing and analytics, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, The Economist, and more. The company was named one of the “10 Most Strategic IT Vendors” in a cover story by InformationWeek and has maintained a leading share of voice against well-heeled competitors in the business press as well as tech and industry trades.

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Turning Big Data into Big News

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“We are very pleased with the exceptional quality of Merritt Group and the team’s daily levels of commitment to ensuring we have the most effective public relations strategy and outreach. In particular, I was pleased with the outstanding ‘take charge approach.’”

Mike O’Sullivan, Director Teradata Corporation


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