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Case Study: CrowdFlower Turning CrowdFlower into a Champion for Man-and-Machine Driven AI


CrowdFlower brought in Merritt Group during a key inflection point in the company’s evolution to help the young but fast-growing startup cut through the artificial intelligence (AI) market noise and position itself as a “hot company to watch.” CrowdFlower charged Merritt Group with developing a media and content strategy that could quickly boost visibility and reach key investor and buyer audiences.


Merritt Group’s strategy took a two-pronged approach to media outreach: First, we positioned CEO Lukas Beiwald as a thought leader with the distinctive “human-in-the-loop” point-of-view that built a story around the premise that the future of AI will always require humans — a refreshing contrast at a time when the media was obsessed with dystopian stories of AI replacing humans. Second, we leveraged input from the CrowdFlower’s data scientist community to source insights that could reveal the true state of the industry and help journalists cut through the pervasive hype. Both strategies paid off with placements in top media outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, WIRED, TechCrunch, San Jose Mercury News, IDG, MIT Technology Review and others.