Content Marketing and PR Establishes a Unique Voice in Telehealth

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Avizia is redefining healthcare with the only end-to-end telehealth platform that combines industry-leading video devices with software solutions to streamline care coordination, provider collaboration, and patient engagement. With solutions found in 37 countries and eight of the top 10 hospital networks in the United States, Avizia is enabling continuity of care by connecting any patient to any provider in any place.


With the surge of millions of newly insured Americans under the ACA, telehealth has more than made its way into the U.S. healthcare industry spotlight – shifting notably in recent years from a “nice to have” to a “must have” for patients, hospitals and other providers. At the same time, competition in the telehealth space is accelerating, with industry experts projecting it to exceed $34 billion by the end of 2020. The result? Emerging telehealth companies like Avizia are looking to communicate a differentiated message to hospitals, health plans and other providers in order to stake their claim in a fast-paced, highly competitive market.

Solution: Carving Out A Share of Voice & Gaining Buyers’ Attention

Merritt Group’s creative team, web developers, PR pros and marketing strategists created an integrated content marketing campaign for Avizia centered on a compelling piece of industry research -- the Closing the Telehealth Gap research report -- to establish the company’s thought leadership in a noisy space and generate the  awareness and demand-generation the business needed to continue its rapid growth.

The team began by auditing Avizia’s digital marketing infrastructure maturity and assessing its ability to plan, implement, execute and measure effective digital marketing campaigns. Based on the findings, Merritt worked closely with the Avizia marketing team to provide strategic recommendations that included:

  • Optimizing Avizia’s website for both on and off-page organic ranking factors to improve search rankings and overall user experience;
  • Developing a content strategy to improve organic search rankings around key industry terms and featured products;
  • Identifying the best paid channels for Avizia based on current paid budget, expenditures and business objectives; and
  • Creating a primary piece of content in the form of a research report that would be used for a lead generation campaign designed to reactivate existing customers and garner new leads.

Merritt’s PR team vetted potential research vendor partners to ensure the research report was both high quality and cost effective. From there, Merritt managed ongoing vendor communications and tracked all deadlines to ensure the report would be ready by the American Telemedicine Association’s annual meeting -- a key moment in time for the company to present its findings to industry leaders and potential buyers. The PR team worked closely with Avizia to develop survey questions and shape the content to ensure the final product was polished and compelling. Industry press influencers who we wanted to reach were simultaneously vetted, and talking points crafted for the company CEO and CMO to ensure this story was not only delivered to the right industry reporters, but that all top-line findings were reinforced in media interviews.

In addition to securing high profile earned coverage, Merritt Group’s digital marketing team worked with Avizia to review analytics data, past campaigns and buyer personas to determine the best digital channels for promotion. Merritt worked to create a distribution calendar for the promotional push focusing on e-mail, paid and organic social, and publication-specific advertising opportunities that matched Avizia’s target demographics. 

Merritt also worked on behalf of the client to set up the marketing infrastructure used to track leads and test, measure and optimize the campaign.  

Results: Engaging Buyers for Sustained Business Growth

Across both marketing and PR, the results of the Closing the Telehealth Gap research report exceeded all metrics and expectations, achieving:

  • A 57% increase in organic traffic to the site over a three month time period
  • A 55% increase in total sessions to the site over the same three month time period
  • A 25% increase in mobile and desktop page speed and a one-point increase in domain authority over a six-month period
  • More than 500 leads captured from the research report content lead generation campaign
  • A 36% conversion rate for the lead generation landing page throughout the duration of the campaign
  • 27 pieces of media coverage in top media outlets including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Health Data Management, HIT Leaders & News and Politico
  • Six media interviews with industry-leading publications like mHealth Intelligence, Managed Healthcare Executive, Becker’s Hospital Review and EMR Daily News
  • A total earned media reach of more than 74 million readers



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