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Social Media Marketing

Leverage your social network to extend reach, inform your target audience and enable your sales funnel. Take advantage of innovative practices and cutting-edge data tools to engage effectively with your market. Combine your product or service roadmap with effective social media marketing initiatives for maximum impact.

Social Media Marketing solutions

Strategy & insight

We’ll help you craft influential and unique paid social media strategies for your target market. Building on actionable data and analytics, we’ll create frameworks for success on hand-picked platforms proven to perform for your industry.

Platform selection

Make use of our social media expertise to build a meaningful presence on platforms that move the needle. We’ll help you narrow down your social media channels to optimize effort or expand onto new and opportunistic platforms. From LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to forums such as Quora and Reddit — we’ll hyperfocus your social media marketing.

Paid campaigns

While organic social media has its benefits, the truth is that it won’t generate the responses you need. Successful social media is pay-to-play. We implement best practices and emerging strategies to help you exceed your goals. From brand awareness and product rollouts to generating leads and moving your target audience through the sales funnel, our proven campaign strategies are key to driving engagement.

Content creation

Brilliant content stems from powerful storytelling. Our social media marketing creatives tailor content to your unique audience. Whether it’s videos, interactive infographics, blogs, webinars, research surveys, eBooks, or even technical whitepapers — we can create the right content for the right social media platform.

Employee engagement

Gain valuable insights on tools and employee engagement platforms for social media enablement and growth. Trigger the right algorithms by activating existing employees on your social media marketing channels for expedited organic impressions, engagement, and conversions.

Media amplification

Marry social media marketing strategies and paid campaigns with existing PR and digital marketing initiatives for ultimate synergy. Compound engagement and empower sales teams with our renowned social media experts and senior-level strategic counsel by your side.


Capturing 500 Leads from a Single Premium Asset

Avizia needed to raise its brand awareness as a leading telehealth provider and accelerate its sales growth. Our work drove a 57 percent increase in organic website traffic in 90 days, a 36 percent landing page conversion and hundreds of qualified leads.

Our social media marketing process

We begin by applying key data and analytics to develop highly targeted social media marketing campaigns. Our team then develops a robust social strategy around paid social to truly take advantage of the B2B and B2G landscape for the highest possible value. Finally, our creative teams get to work developing content that impacts your intended audience. We’ll also keep you in the loop with deep analytics and transparent reporting, making adjustments to your social media campaigns as needed to refine, optimize and succeed.

Your market, our mission

We offer decades of deep domain expertise and experience in your industry. Unlike your run-of-the-mill social media marketing agency, we excel past the art of social. Beyond our longstanding proficiency with top platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter  we offer unmatched familiarity with the B2B and B2G tech landscapes and the cybersecurity and healthcare IT markets.

Why Merritt Group?

We are an award-winning and nationally recognized agency specializing in helping B2B and B2G organizations thrive through social media marketing initiatives. With over a decade of experience on top platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn along with breakthrough communities like Reddit and Quora  we stay ahead of new features to prepare our clients for emerging opportunities. From building an actionable social media strategy to content creation and beyond, Merritt Group is here to help your company thrive.

Extend your reach, boost brand awareness, capture your intended audience, and generate leads. We help brands create powerful social media strategies and campaigns that align with existing marketing efforts and sales funnels. Explore how your business can utilize social media marketing today.


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