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PPC Management

Take an informed approach to PPC by leveraging key data insights, algorithmic updates, and shifting target market behavior. We help clients make an impact in their industry by optimizing ad spend through data-driven PPC campaign initiatives.

PPC Management solutions

Messaging and positioning

Tailor your messaging and positioning to fit the ever-changing marketplace. Our content strategists utilize keyword research and market insights to develop copy that converts. Meet your B2B and B2G buyers where they are in the customer continuum, through awareness and intent, to drive conversion and accelerate your pipeline.

Smart audience profiles

Take full advantage of dynamic paid media through buyer personas and smart audience profiles hand-crafted by our team. We supercharge conversions and fill your customer and prospect database by targeting C-suite, government agency leadership and management teams.

Pay-Per-Click Audit

Gain access to a comprehensive PPC advertising audit and discover how you can boost the performance of your ad campaigns. We’ll complete a top to bottom analysis of your campaigns, from ad groups and copy creation to goal-setting and budget allocation.

Paid Social Media Ad Services

Realize the full potential of your social media channels with targeted PPC campaigns customized for your unique audience. Our PPC management solutions ensure maximum impact on leading platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. From enhancing social media presence to guiding targeted leads through PPC advertising, we can help.


Target ads by demographic and geographic location through geofencing ad services tailored to your products and services. Reach audiences at events, similar businesses or even the street they’re walking down with precision PPC advertisements.

Paid Search Advertising

Maximize your return on advertising through the world’s largest search engines with high-value paid search campaigns. Target customers based on a wide range of factors including demographics, time, location and device to place your brand in the crosshairs of purchasing decisions.

Future-Proof Strategies

Stop relying on one-size-fits-all paid media campaigns. Maintain the competitive edge through flexible and dynamic paid media solutions that reach customers at key touchpoints for long-term value and unrivaled ROI.

Keyword Targeting

Unlock massive upticks in click-through rates at a lower cost-per-click with the help of our dynamic paid media team. We strategically target search queries through high-level tactics to craft unmatched ad positioning for maximum ROI.
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Increasing Sales Meetings by 25 Percent in 90 Days

In late 2017 Indentrix rebranded as Endera. To reintroduce the company to the security market and drive sales, we came on board and drove a 65 percent increase in top-of-funnel leads – driving over 350 new prospects into Endera’s marketing database over just a 90 day-period.

Our PPC Advertising process

Our industry-focused approach allows us to provide unmatched familiarity with your specific market, C-suite audiences, buyer personas and PPC landscape. Our PPC management experts, creatives and executive-level strategists have a longstanding history of success in key technology markets, enabling us to help our clients maximize their spend.

Your market Is our market

One of our most significant differentiators as a paid media agency is our unmatched familiarity with your specific market. We’ve been focused on B2B tech marketing for more than two decades and understand your brand’s opportunities, buyer personas, and unique challenges because we share the same market. Our team offers a fresh approach to paid media, advertising data usage and search engine marketing to provide your sales team with valuable opportunities.

Why Merritt Group

As a team of award-winning and nationally-recognized PPC experts, we’ve helped countless B2B and B2G organizations achieve results across a wide range of platforms and search engines. We leverage first and third-party data to craft high-value pay-per-click management campaigns and initiatives focused on your unique goals. By combining deep domain expertise with passionate PPC specialists, we’re able to help emerging tech, healthcare, government-focused and cybersecurity companies thrive through PPC campaigns. Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, grow contact form fills, empower lead generation or create a more holistic buyer journey — Merritt Group can help. Contact our team to learn how we can upgrade your PPC advertising efforts today.


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