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Media Training & Public Speaking Coaching

Learn what the media wants from business leaders and how to get the most from interviews with media training for your B2B technology story. Discover how to shape your brand narrative and create compelling media interactions with our personalized media training and public speaking coaching designed to fit your role. 

Media Training solutions

Messaging development and refinement

Discover how to captivate reporters and influencers through effective storytelling and engaging messaging. We have decades of combined experience working with the media and understand how to build stories where you are quoted from the majority of your media interactions.

What makes reporters tick?

Grasp a better understanding of who the media is, what they ultimately care about and how to prepare for an interview. Learn your rights as an interviewee and how to convey information effectively for your target audience and the media alike.

Mock reporter sessions

Benefit from interactive media training with mock reporter sessions. Gain valuable insights on how to engage with media professionals. We’ll identify realistic questions and provide constructive criticism to help you sharpen your performance. Practice, refine, and excel with individualized mock reporter sessions.

Form the narrative, refine it, and perfect it

We’ll help you develop effective messaging and talking points to solve specific problems, challenge public perception, build a public profile, or identify the right narrative. Additionally, we can provide keynote training and public speaking education to further strengthen your brand communication. We offer executives one-on-one media training to educate, evaluate, and refine communication skills in real-time, assessing strengths and areas of improvement.


Capturing 500 Leads from a Single Premium Asset

Avizia needed to raise its brand awareness as a leading telehealth provider and accelerate its sales growth. Our work drove a 57 percent increase in organic website traffic in 90 days, a 36 percent landing page conversion and hundreds of qualified leads.

Our media training process

We start our virtual media training process by getting to know your solutions, matched with your C-suite’s strengths and challenges. Our media training specialists will identify who we need to cater our services to, whether it’s the CEO, VP of product development or a new C-suite member who needs comprehensive training. Our personalized approach allows us to create a more realistic mock Q&A reporter session with real-world questions and a detailed analysis of their performance. This real-time learning creates expedited progress, as your team will begin to convey information clearer, create quotable interactions and build a “business-focused” message rather than relying on technical jargon.

Public Speaking Coaching

Do your executives struggle with or fear public speaking? Be it an internal all hands meeting, a board presentation or a keynote address, 25% of people actually fear public speaking, according to PubMed, so if your team faces challenges in this realm, you’re not alone.

Merritt Group has a proven process to teach your executives why public speaking is important and how to craft a strong narrative. Then the real fun begins: preparation. We will help you structure, design, rehearse and perfect any public speaking engagement you may have.

Your market, our mission

Unlike most training programs that focus entirely on preparing your C-suite for interviews, we take things further. Our high-level media relations and public speaking training were born from unmatched expertise throughout the technology landscape. We work with reporters in your specific market day in and day out, allowing us to create engaging storytelling your leadership can deploy with confidence. We help executives prepare for high-profile keynotes and all hands meetings to deliver the most crisp, captivating story possible, while also presenting the content flawlessly.

Why Merritt Group?

Our media trainers and public speaking coaches help prepare your C-suite and emerging leadership members for key media interactions and public appearances through customized education. We have long-standing experience in the technology, government, healthcare and cybersecurity sectors.

As an award-winning PR and marketing agency, we’ve helped countless individuals and leadership teams learn the ins and outs of media engagements and speaking opportunities. We help maximize every interaction for meaningful moments that enable your marketing and sales initiatives. Discover how Merritt Group can help your organization with trusted media training and public speaking coaching today.


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