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Media Buying

Keep a close eye on trends, maximize your reach and craft individualized plans for growing your brand through influential media channels in your target market. Intersect target customers at the right time and place with a sound investment to drive ROI and lead generation.

Media Buying solutions

Audience research

Given our decades of experience in your target market, we will help you gain valuable insights on your target audience and media channels that can provide the best possible ROI for your media buys. Our media buying team can focus your ad spend on local, regional, or national markets by matching your budget with the right audience and channels.

Strategic planning

Identify key media partners that provide the most bang for your ad spend. Over the years, we’ve created impactful relationships with publishers and can help craft the right advertising relationships for your brand.

Timing the spend

Position your ads to gain the most traction and engagement. Align your marketing efforts and content with holidays, industry trends, and events in your marketplace for optimal ROI. We can help highlight where your ad dollars should be spent and negotiate ad placements accordingly.

Automation and programmatic buying

Leverage cutting-edge technology to dominate the digital ad space through automation. Bid for top positions across display, social media, podcasts, OTT video and search engines through real-time programmatic advertising and pivot campaigns instantaneously for maximum payoff.

Campaign initiation

Put research, planning, and best practices into action through media buying campaigns focused on your unique audience, ad channels, and goals. We’ll position your brand in the crosshairs of your target market through our years of media buying experience and relationships for unmatched results.

In-Campaign updates

Highlight ads or entire campaigns that could improve and adjust for success. We analyze KPIs and real-time metrics to boost conversions and update campaigns for success. We invest in marketing platforms that allow for in-flight campaign changes that improve performance and harness results.

Our Media Buying process 

We’ve established trusted relationships with a wide range of media groups over the years. This allows for broader reach with less investment, giving you the absolute best ROI for your media buying budget. Through a robust understanding of media buying industry standards, negotiations, and our network, we’re able to position your brand in the crosshairs of your target audience for massive lead generation.

Your market, our mission

While most agencies lack the familiarity and experience needed to win in your industry, we share your industry. We have established relationships with top media outlets and influencers in your marketplace. This means less time researching and familiarizing and more time purchasing key ad space for your brand.

Why Merritt Group?

As a nationally recognized name in digital advertising and media planning, Merritt Group can help provide valuable routes to promising ad space. Through deep domain expertise in your industry and unmatched experience in media buying strategies, we help brands like yours thrive in a competitive advertising marketplace. From the planning and strategy phase to campaign implementation, we’re by your side every step of the way.

Gain exposure, extend your reach, capitalize on trends or events and captivate your target audience. We help elevate brands through influential channels. Merritt Group maximizes exposure while optimizing costs for the best possible ROI on your media buying. Discover how our team can put your brand in the right place at the right time today.


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