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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for marketers looking to engage and connect with potential customers in the digital age. By leveraging different digital channels, businesses can create synergy among their marketing efforts to reach new and existing clients. Merritt Group helps create targeted strategies tailored to tell your brand’s story so you’ll be able to structure pathways for customer journey through meaningful interactions — ultimately leading them directly into conversion.

Our Digital Marketing solutions

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get noticed everywhere your prospects show intent, whether searching for solutions to a business problem or researching the latest in SaaS technology vendors. Our digital strategists leverage twenty years of experience in B2B to help you develop a robust search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) strategy unique to your business. We’ll help increase qualified website traffic, decrease cost-per-acquisition and drive revenue while leveraging leading-edge online marketing strategies. We also leverage the latest AI-enabled marketing tools to help fuel our recommendations and gain a competitive advantage.

Public relations

Your message deserves an opportunity to be heard. Our digital PR practitioners help gain access to key media outlets and industry influencers to help your story stand out while building credibility that helps multiply your brand impact and drives sales. Expand your reach throughout mainstream news channels, digital publications and leverage social media influencers by utilizing our expertise in our digital PR campaigns.

Website design & development

Combine UX elements with gorgeous web design to create a seamless online experience for potential customers through our website design and development solutions. Boost performance, restructure website architecture and optimize your site for the world’s most popular search engines.

Paid media

Are you struggling to make sense of the constant change in digital advertising? We’ll help you unlock the full potential of your paid media spend while ensuring brand safety through transparent, on-target digital campaigns that increase MQL and SQL generation and ultimately increase top-line revenue. We’ll also support your critical marketing initiatives geared towards performance through inventory across Paid Social, Search, Video, Programmatic, Audio and OTT. 

Our digital strategists are fluent in data, ad tech and the platforms across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads and Bing as well as emerging channels for B2B discovery such as Quora and Reddit. Decrease CPA through our testing and conversion rate optimization tactics across the lifecycle of a campaign. 

Understand the impact of your advertising through transparent dashboard-based reporting and be confident in what comes next. All of our strategists are Google Analytics certified and understand the data behind decisions to help you tell a story to leadership.

Content marketing & strategy

Engage, inform and create advocates for your brand by crafting compelling content that showcases what makes your product, solution or services different. We’ll harness the power of message testing before your content goes to market, allowing you to hone in on the messages that matter most to your target audience. And we’ll help you connect with prospects through powerful data-driven content marketing campaigns to drive engagement across the customer journey. 

We offer content creation services, including video production, interactive, email and web content, so you can confidently deploy on-brand, targeted content across a myriad of platforms. Our team has extensive experience with HubSpot, Marketo and a wide breadth of marketing automation technology to help your in-house team implement large-scale automated marketing campaigns and nurture email marketing campaigns.

Our Digital Marketing process 

Unlock your unique digital marketing strategy that conveys your brand and speaks directly to your audience. Meet with our digital marketing experts to discuss business objectives, marketing initiatives and opportunities for achieving success in the online marketplace. We’ll get to know your unique goals and explore which digital marketing strategies align with your brand and digitally transform your customer moments across various platforms, channels, and websites.

A shared market 

Merritt Group understands your market and its unique challenges, giving us unmatched familiarity with high-level executives, niche clientele and shifting industry directions. By working with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of our 25-year history of driving home results in the B2B technology and Federal marketplace.

Why Merritt Group

Take charge of your digital marketing efforts with the help of a nationally-recognized digital marketing agency. We offer deep domain expertise paired with a highly experienced team that provides award-winning work for our clients. Focus your marketing initiatives to align with brand goals, converting potential customers across a wide range of digital services. Merritt Group combines industry expertise with leading-edge digital solutions to generate pipeline and increase demand. 

Refine your digital marketing efforts today. We’ll work with your team to focus your goals — whether it’s customer retention, creating brand awareness, lead generation and beyond.x


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