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Account-Based Marketing

Target high-value B2B accounts and maximize your marketing ROI through account-based marketing. Fuse a data strategy with marketing penetration and sales expertise to identify, engage and close on valuable accounts. Personalize campaigns, integrate innovative strategies and land high-value accounts through one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many ABM.

Account-Based Marketing solutions

Discover high-value accounts

Take advantage of first and third-party data, business intelligence, and strategic factors to identify high-value accounts worth pursuing. We’ll help you discover potential clients with the right revenue potential and market influence for a booming ROI.

Account mapping

Landing a high-value account requires more than the simple knowledge that they exist. Using data-driven approaches, we’ll help you map the structure of these accounts — including key decision-makers, how decisions are made and additional influences that could impact ABM efforts. We’ll investigate crucial elements that can transform a lead into a sale.

Personalized messaging & content

Create valuable content focused on the industry opportunities, significant company hurdles and niche challenges your target account faces each and every day. We’ll help you manage your target account’s individual pain points through engaging messaging and content.

Campaign coordination and execution

Coordinate your sales and marketing teams, align campaigns across all of your channels and utilize cutting-edge ABM technology for optimal results. We’ll help bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams so that you can obtain maximum impact and ROI.

Martech integration

Leverage industry-leading marketing technology to support your marketing and sales alignment. Boost campaign effectiveness, extend outreach outside of your database and reach key decision-makers on high-value accounts for ultimate ROI. We’ll help integrate your existing martech with our account-based marketing solutions for optimal results.

Test, measure, and pivot

Explore the effectiveness of your account-based marketing campaigns by measuring and testing their effectiveness. We’ll track and examine your individual campaigns, account-level trends, and overall performance to gain accurate and valuable insights. We’ll use this information as the bedrock for the optimization of future ABM campaigns.

Our ABM Process

Our ABM process is based on years of experience empowering brands and engaging the people you need to reach. It’s all about bridging the gap between sales and marketing departments in the B2B ecosystem — to identify and engage key people at high-value accounts and transform them into loyal customers. We help align these core aspects by defining goals for your ABM program. Our experts are masters at leveraging first and third-party data to identify key decision-makers and influencers. From here, we can craft high-level strategies and map content on the buyer’s journey that maximizes impact for your marketing spend. From digital assets to sales enablement, our creative team can build effective messaging and materials to provide solutions for unique pain points.

Your market, our mission

When looking to succeed with account-based marketing initiatives, you’ll need a marketing agency that is familiar with the high-value accounts you’re looking to obtain. We share your industry, meaning we have unmatched experience and knowledge of your target market. As a true extension of your team, we can help craft incredibly focused ABM campaigns that reach key decision-makers at valuable accounts for maximum ROI.

Why Merritt Group

As a nationally recognized digital marketing agency that focuses on helping B2B companies thrive, we’re here to show you the true potential of an account-based marketing strategy. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence by providing incredible results thanks to our deep domain expertise. Our team is here to provide you with the right tools, resources, and strategies to meld your marketing and sales initiatives into one powerful campaign. From there, you can target high-value accounts and map their journey.

Optimize your marketing efforts, gain in-depth metrics, and boost revenue today. Sync departments and focus resources to target key accounts that will drive your business forward. Explore how Merritt Group can drive lead generation through ABM initiatives today.


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