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Why Now is The Right Time for Cyber Investment News

by | Jul 9, 2020


The economic downturn resulting from the pandemic has been felt across nearly every industry, and the venture capital (VC) world is no exception. Although investments are still being made across the cybersecurity landscape, they have slowed in pace over the past few months. However, many startups are still looking to attract investors. And those companies inking deals are then faced with another challenge – how to effectively tell their company story through a new investment. 

Here are a few tips startups can take to tell their stories that will amplify their brand and even attract investors in hard times, and why now is an important time to do so. Additionally, I’ll provide insight into key strategies to more effectively tell your investment story and break through the noise to uplift your company, and even your portfolio companies, to garner visibility in a crowded market.

The Need for Cyber Spending

While we never anticipated cyber threats going away, no one could have anticipated the impact COVID-19 has had on the threat landscape. Not surprisingly, threat actors found a way to capitalize on the pandemic, with organizations like WHO experiencing a fivefold increase in attacks. As cyber threats increase during this time, so too should VC funding to bring new cyber-defense solutions to market to combat evolving and persistent threats. 

According to a recent report from Learn Bonds, almost 70 percent of major organizations plan to increase cybersecurity spending due to heightened threats following the outbreak. Even for those organizations struggling to raise funding now, the industry as a whole certainly has an opportunity for increased funding on the other side of the downturn. 

Navigating the Media Landscape

It’s no secret the media landscape has been tremendously challenging during this time. Media coverage of COVID-19 and its negative economic ramifications have dominated headlines, with many industries feeling the fallout of shutdowns. To show that the cybersecurity industry is still thriving, it’s critical that the industry change the media narrative to demonstrate funding activity is alive and well, and may be more important than ever as the bad guys continue to use the pandemic as a fresh attack vector. 

Given the uncertainty of the past months, many companies have held back news. Not knowing how things will move forward or how business will evolve has impacted corporate communications, primarily with companies opting for a conservative approach. Now that we’re in the next phase of this “COVID economy,” investors and companies need to rethink their communications strategy, particularly around funding news.

But Why Now?

So, how does this translate to good business news? Rather than holding your funding news for fear that it will be buried in the deluge of coronavirus coverage, now is the perfect time to get your story out there. Besides announcing funding for the sake of announcing it, there’s a reason why telling an investment story is important – and why it’s important now. A company landing an investment during one of the toughest economic climates shows its ability to not only survive, but thrive. And as TechCrunch rightly points out, it also provides a brief sigh of relief for those scanning headlines and a beacon of hope to your stakeholders, employees, fellow startup founders, other investors and industry peers. 

Much like a fingerprint, no two investment stories are alike and each warrants a tailored strategy. Particularly in a time where marketing strategies and media tactics have been upended, avoid adhering to the announcement status quo – or what was once the status quo. In order to amplify your message, make sure it checks all the right boxes, as outlined below.

Key Questions to Ask When Developing Funding Messaging

As is the case for most content creation, honing the right message is critical to building brand awareness and reaching the right audience. It’s easy to focus on the news itself – funding – but ins