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RIP household marketing brand names AdWords and DoubleClick. It was a good 22-year run, but with the changing technology landscape, Google has strategically rebranded and introduced The Google Marketing Platform, or GMP for short.

What is GMP?

All the Google advertising products you love are now under one platform. Similar to how Google transitioned individual products into the Google Suite, they are now consolidating products into the Google Marketing Platform. There are three key consolidated pillars to the platform:

  1. Ad Platform: Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360 replacing Google AdWords
  2. Reporting Platform: Analytics 360, Data Studio and Optimize 360 replacing Google Analytics
  3. Tracking Platform: Surveys 360 and Tag Manager 360 replacing Google Tag Manager

It’s no surprise that Google chose to utilize 360 at the end of almost every product under this platform, given Google’s current GDPR privacy suit. The 360 terminology resonates with users as clear, strategic messaging that highlights transparency with the bonus double-entendre of being an all-in-one solution.

What’s New?

The biggest change is that there are now seamless integration points between products. According to Google, “Google Marketing Platform also supports 100+ integrations with exchanges.” This should streamline key goals and objectives, while maximizing data points through better API integrations. Ultimately, this visibility and access provides better analytics, with slight tweaks to the product interface based on user surveys. You don’t have to learn these changes immediately as this will be a slow transition from DoubleClick to Display & Video 360 so users have a chance to ramp up.

What’s Next for Companies?

Although the changes sound scary, it’s really easy to embrace as it’s mostly just a shift in branding. The three things your company will have to do as a result:

  1. Change your terminology to reflect the new product names.
  2. Setup strategic integrations points between Display & Video 360 and Analytics 360 or connect Search Ads 360 to Surveys 360 and track all of them with Tag Manager 360.
  3. Learn the slight shifts in the platform interface such as general IA and top navigation restructuring.

See the changes for yourself by logging into the Google Marketing Platform and streamline your KPIs across one 360 platform or learn more by reading Google’s blog. 

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