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Podcast: ORock Technologies CMO Shares the Art of Marketing in B2G

Marketing your products and services to government agencies isn’t as simple as swapping out the word “mission” for “profitability” on your commercial collateral. There are a number of nuances to be aware of when selling to the government as opposed to the private sector, and your content must demonstrate your understanding of these nuances.

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Q&A with a Merritt Group-er:  Get to Know Colin Jeffrey

What do you do at Merritt Group?

I work as an Account Coordinator for the Government practice group. My day-to-day tasks include managing client relationships, submitting customers and clients for awards and events, compiling media scans, developing thought leadership, strengthening core messaging and more. I work to provide support on ensuring deliverables reach the client in a timely manner.

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The Role of the Press Secretary and B2G Landscape is Changing, One Tweet at a Time

With more than 269.6 million users and climbing, Twitter has become one of the largest social media platforms in the world, allowing everyone from CEOs to teens to instantly share their thoughts. While sending out a tweet may have a low impact on the everyday citizen, high-profile government officials can share news from the Federal Government in a single tweet, reaching thousands of followers.

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Keep Your Logo. Refresh Your Brand.

There’s a common misconception that ‘brand equals logo.’ Companies are often nervous about words like ‘branding’ or ‘rebrand’ because they assume it means a logo redo is in order. The thought of a new logo strikes terror in even the most open-minded of key stakeholders. They cannot stop thinking about all the signage, business cards, t-shirts and office supplies in which they’ve already invested.

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3 Benefits of Research-Powered Thought Leadership

Does thought leadership still matter to government audiences?

That was the core question that I discussed with Aaron Heffron of Market Connections as part of their webinar series on marketing to the Federal Government. The short answer is yes, but you should still keep reading.

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Podcast: The Evolution of Performance Marketing in Tech

Ever wondered what exactly performance marketing is, where it evolved from and how the latest developments and thinking can be harnessed for more powerful campaign results?  

In our latest episode of Lay of the Brand, Senior Marketing Project Manager Abigail Bracy provides insights into the changing data, influencer and buyer landscape and how you can use them to your advantage when it comes to refining your marketing campaign strategies. 

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Boost PR and Marketing Results Through Evidence-Based Strategies

What exactly is evidence-based practice, and how can an approach that’s revolutionized other fields like medicine, education and criminal justice be applied to the field of communications?  I had about 30 minutes to discuss this last week during a media relations webinar hosted by the National Association of County & City Health Officials for public information officers from municipalities around the country.  

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How to Ace Your 5G PR Strategy

In my previous blog post, I talked about how to create an effective marketing strategy around 5G innovations. Now, I’ll dive into PR strategies for cutting through the increasing market chatter around this exciting next wave of technology so your product or service doesn’t get lost in the fray.

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Is Content Marketing...Just Marketing?

The buzz around what “content marketing” is or is not can be a bit confusing for marketers like me who have been around the block and seen the communications landscape shift over the past decades. Why? Because I view content as the foundation and fuel for any campaign or message out to market. It’s about being smart in your approach and not just blindly writing about whatever topic suits your fancy. Content marketing is about digging into the market and competitive data; doing the research to make sure your message resonates with your specific buyer; timing that asset just right so the audience is receptive; and crafting stories that pull at the heartstrings while also pleasing the algorithms. 

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How to Make Your 5G Marketing Pop

It’s impossible to avoid the buzz around the rise of 5G in today’s headlines and marketers need to be smart in their approach if they want their fifth-generation cellular network-related technologies to stand out from the crowd. But before we talk about marketing this innovation, let’s first fully understand...What is 5G anyway?

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