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Merritt Group’s Business Technology Group is laser-focused on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, 3D printing and more, including what the rise of this technology means for the way businesses operate, in addition to what they mean for all aspects of marketing and PR. Below are a few predictions from the team on how these technologies will unfold this year, and how media and strategy will shift as a result.

The Internet of Things Continues to Evolve and Include New Technologies

While edge computing is being driven by IoT right now, 5G and processing power in small devices will open up new applications that we only can talk about at the moment such as creating safer cities, reducing congestion, and more. The question is when will 5G networks proliferate? Most likely in 2-3 years from now. – John Conrad, Partner and Executive Vice President

Artificial Intelligence Extends Beyond Data-Skilled Workers

The data and analytics market saw a lot of mergers and acquisitions in late 2019 – Hortonworks and Cloudera, IBM and Red Hat – just to name a few. These combinations of proprietary and open source technologies are going to lead to more comprehensive data solutions that will infiltrate all aspects of the organizations. As a result, data analytics and predictive capabilities are going to get easier and easier to implement for people that don’t have data skill sets, putting data in more hands than ever before. The benefits will be limitless, such as better customer experience, efficient processes, and more. – Suzanne Block, Director and Manager of West Coast Operations

Micro-Mobility Becomes Pervasive

35 percent of car trips in the US are less than two miles, so the potential for micro-mobility has never been greater. In 2018, commuters began to make their “last mile” of commute on a micro-mobility platform (i.e., e-scooters, e-bikes, etc.). Recently, Google, Lyft and Uber have invested heavily in micro-mobility to bring commuters greater access to these services in 2019. This rise of accessibility of these vehicles will bring an increase of use and for the first time, we will be able to accumulate enough data to analyze the impact these platforms have on traffic congestion and our everyday transportation. – Nick Rizzo, Account Coordinator

The Media Landscape

The current media landscape has recently experienced a distinct shift that will make for an interesting 2019 in regards to emerging technology like 3D printing, quantum computing, and more. Tech companies will start to market their product in regards to how it is “changing the world,” and less about product specific details. There will be much more focus placed on the “why” of a product as a result. Why does your technology matter? Why should people care about it, and how will it change the world? Emerging technology companies will need to differentiate themselves more than ever in the coming years and it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top in 2019.  – Sophia Xepoleas, Senior Account Executive

Stay tuned for more trends and insights from the Business Technology Group on how these predictions play out over the course of the year! Also, check out the Merritt Group team’s marketing predictions for the year.

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