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Top 5 Traits to look for in an IoT marketing communications agency Any successful marketing executive at an IoT vendor or at a technology company looking to enter the IoT market needs to know how to pick out the right marketing communications agency partner. From what we hear from clients in all of our Practice Groups, it comes down to strategic thinking, agility, relationships, ability to execute and cultural fit, to name a few.

As you’re entering the crowded and evolving IoT market, you need an agency that has all those traits, but also one who knows IoT, has a proven track record, and can keep up with the industry. Here is what you should be looking for when you’re searching for an IoT marketing communications agency.

1. Make Sure the Agency Knows IoT

Perhaps the most important trait to look for is a marketing communications agency that understands your industry and knows how to implement and execute on a marketing strategy in your industry. You don’t want to have to spend extensive time acclimating the agency on your business and market, especially considering the ever-growing size of the IoT market.

Make sure you see case studies on work they’ve done for other relevant companies and that they can demonstrate how they have developed a strategy and executed said strategy to obtain great results. The agency should be able to understand the overall IoT landscape to develop a plan that will break into the IoT market and beat out competitors.

2. Choose the Right-Sized Agency

Nobody wants to be on the bottom rung of a national brand-chasing ladder. If an agency spends most of their time pursuing large brands outside your industry to meet lofty revenue goals, they likely aren’t a good fit. This type of agency will likely give you the B or C team, when you want their A team to help you accomplish your goals. The right agency will be adaptable to change, especially within the tech space, and will be able to adjust on the fly when it comes to milestones, strategies and developments.

It’s also important to make sure the agency is a good cultural fit. You’re going to work with them day-in and day-out. Your agency is an extension of your brand, so make sure you share similar values and principles.

3. Choose an Agency That Communicates Your Way

It’s crucial that you choose an agency that can implement the proper communication framework. They should be willing to communicate often, and over communicate when needed. They should offer strategic counsel, and not be afraid to tell you when a plan needs adjustment. The IoT market continues to grow and expand, constantly gaining influencers, meaning that the agency you work with needs to be able to keep up with the changes and insights and communicate them correctly and aggressively.

4. Select the Right Team Within the Agency

At the pitch meeting, you should have met the team members who will be servicing your account, not just the executive leadership. You can tell a lot about potential fit by meeting the people you’ll be working with. Make sure this team fits all the criteria above – that they are the A team, that they communicate fully and fearlessly, they know the IoT market and that they share the goal of promoting your business.

5. Make Sure the Agency Has Functional Expertise

Your chosen agency needs to be fully vetted in the disciplines of marketing communications and be able to create content that positions you as a thought leader in the realm of IoT. Your marketing communications team must be able to deliver a level of expertise through each channel you incorporate into your marketing plan in order to demonstrate how your company can maintain industry thought leadership.

If you want to learn more about marketing communication strategies in the IoT space, download our eBook on 7 Marketing Strategies for Cutting Through the IoT Noise. 


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