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Over the last few years, the IoT (Internet of Things) has gone from hyped-up news to practical business uses, and sensor technology has played a significant role in that growth – ranging from applications like tracking products in the supply chain to helping medical professionals monitor patients. 

Sensor technology, or smart sensors, is ingrained in everything from logistics, to smart homes, wearables and more. In fact, the smart sensor market has been valued to be worth about $60 billion

And with a growing number of use cases for smart sensors coming to light, it can be hard for your company to find its place in an already crowded market. Specifically, you may struggle to see the opportunity for your brand, have difficulty hearing through the noise to know where to join the conversation and fail to speak up in a way that makes your brand’s voice stand out from the competition.

In this blog post, we’re turning the proverbial monkeys on their heads to help you see, hear, and speak more about sensor technology on behalf of your company. Here’s how you can sense your company’s share of voice and better establish it in the market:

See More Sensors

Identify where the need in the market is and make sure key media are up-to-date with all the advancements your company is making. This can be accomplished by building relationships with the media that matter most to your company or developing targeted marketing campaigns for your audience. 

While there’s already a lot of hype surrounding Jetson-like uses of smart sensors, there are still new opportunities to be seen in industries like healthcare, supply chain and more. 

Hear More Sensors

Businesses want to hear from experts on how they can implement smart sensor technology to improve their bottom line and generate better ROI. This is an opportunity for thought leaders to generate a new and unique perspective, backed up with expertise and credibility. Dip your toe in the research pool and learn where your voice can make a difference. 

By offering your SME’s predictions and identifying potential new use cases in this already buzzed-about space, you’ll help clear a path for your company’s executive vision and increase thought leadership in a space that’s always in need of more innovation. 

Speak More Sensors

Talk about advancements your company is making through owned and earned content and utilize social media to share updates and thoughts in real-time. Write blogs post and conduct research surveys to create a discussion around what these findings mean for sensor tech and how it helps inform your company’s direction. 

With the popularity of sensor technology growing, and the landscape becoming increasingly more difficult for thought leaders to break through the noise, there’s great value you in taking a look at what’s currently hot and newsworthy and speaking your piece. Voice the opinions of your thought leaders and make sure they’re being heard through owned content, podcast interviews, social media and more.

Businesses face a massive challenge with today’s content clutter and need to seek new ways to stay relevant. By leveraging talk-worthy topics in the sensor market and developing a unique standpoint, you can join the conversation while also creating a new one. 

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