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With the RSA Conference, the biggest cybersecurity event of the year, less than a week away, we thought we’d check in with some of our reporter friends to get their take on what to expect this year. We got some good feedback – some serious and some light-hearted – but all very interesting! Is the “hype cycle” (i.e. what’s “in” and what’s “out”) what is actually causing trouble in the security industry? Who is going to be the new security “darling” or the company everyone wants to hear more from? Continue below to see what Sean Kerner, Senior Editor of had to say, and then check back again this week for insight from our additional reporter friends!     

Kerner.png    Sean Kerner, Senior Editor,, @TechJournalist
  1. What do you think the major trend/topic will be this year?
    IoT because it’s all about the things.
  2. Any topics or trends you think will be “out” this year, i.e. over talked about and old news?

    Nation-state attacks – it’s interesting and it happens but, there are bigger problems facing enterprise IT.

  3. What are you most looking forward to about RSA?
    Surprises. Cause there are always surprising bits of news or sessions where something I’ve never heard of before pops up. In the security bubble we often think we’ve ‘heard it all,’ but what never ceases to amaze me, year-after-year, is the realization that I haven’t, and there are still many new things to learn.

  4.  Any companies you think are particularly “hot” this year that we should keep an eye out for?
    That’s what I’m looking for! The diamonds in the rough, the vendors I’ve never heard of that emerge with something unique and differentiated.

  5. Any “must attend” parties? We hear Rapid7 always has a good one!
    Parties? RSA has those…I never knew…

  6. Planning to attend any of the keynotes?
    All of ’em. Even though many are just vendor sales pitches, surprises do occur.

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