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LoB_Blog-PashaIn today’s digital world, there are thousands, if not millions of marketing tools and approaches to reach your buyer. But knowing the best approach to quickly and efficiently reach your audience with a relevant message, content or offer is essential to keeping your marketing program manageable, within budget and effective. 

Merritt Group’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Pasha Irshad, joined our very own Lay of the Brand podcast to discuss the digital marketing tactics and technologies B2B companies and other industries should use to drive new leads and nurture them through the sales funnel to close the deal. Check out Pasha’s top tips for developing a strategic digital marketing campaign: 

Determine engagement goals from the get-go. Too many people get wrapped up in determining the digital marketing tactics that they forget to stop and outline what goals these tactics are supposed to achieve. First, define what engagement success means. Once that’s determined, then you can begin the conversation around crafting an appropriate strategy. 

Understand your audience. The key to reaching the right people is knowing exactly who those people are. Don’t be afraid to sit down in a room with both the sales and marketing leads to determine the ideal customer profile. After you’ve weeded out the specifics of whom you’re trying to target, you can begin to meet them across different touchpoints throughout the customer journey through tactics such as Google ads, social media or email, and deliver a message that will resonate. 

Know which tools to use and which to leave behind. Whether you’re embarking on a digital marketing campaign for yourself or working with an outside vendor, have the proper tools to research, monitor, analyze and report the success of your campaign. With so many tools at our disposal nowadays, such as chatbots, Salesforce and Facebook, understanding which can help you reach your target markets will help get you the results you need. 

Digital marketing approaches are vital to any well-rounded campaign, and technologies that fuel digital marketing will be on the rise as businesses see real results come to life. Ultimately, knowing the strategies, tools and audiences you’re going to apply will help you drive the greatest ROI out of your digital marketing efforts. 

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