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Ever wondered what exactly performance marketing is, where it evolved from and how the latest developments and thinking can be harnessed for more powerful campaign results?  

In our latest episode of Lay of the Brand, Senior Marketing Project Manager Abigail Bracy provides insights into the changing data, influencer and buyer landscape and how you can use them to your advantage when it comes to refining your marketing campaign strategies. 

Following is just a taste of the top highlights from the podcast conversation that you can listen to in the full episode:


Personalization has changed how we customize campaigns. Looking at users as a collective unit may have been the easiest way to generalize a population and build a campaign 10 years ago, but with modern technology, individuality has become one of the greatest assets for building a strong campaign. We can track users to further analyze not only the websites they travel to in a session, but also how their experiences are shaped. How does this help advertisers? It gives them more insight into how customers would be best accessible and what kinds of advertisements they would be drawn to. In other words, customization and segmentation are more important and more attainable than ever.

Analyzing data, good or bad, can help spark ideas for the future. Quantitative data has become more accessible than ever. The ability to see how well a campaign is performing on multiple channels can help marketers with long-term planning and making corrections to help improve results. For instance, Abigail shares the example of running a LinkedIn campaign. Data allows you to track your KPIs and quickly make decisions on if the effort is working (or not), and help guide what channels to carry out those campaigns on in the future. 

Consumers are on more channels than ever before, which poses new challenges. Think about all the advertisements you see every day. From apps to billboards on the sides of highways, consumers can come into contact with your brand in more ways than ever. But how are you supposed to track all of those touches? Not every point of contact is going to have tracking tools for you to see how many views and engagements you’ve received from your audience. Abigail recommends that you analyze both the individual, trackable platforms, but also start setting up linking strategies to have all of that information in one place. 

New technology may seem like it creates more of a burden on the marketers, but there is also more room for opportunity than ever before when it comes to consumer customization and engagement. Contact us to learn more. 

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