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Have you ever wondered whether it’s more important to stick to your company’s core values or shift them to fit society’s evolving standards? According to an expert in the field, you don’t always have to pick one over the other. In a recent episode of Merritt Group’s new Lay of the Brand podcast, we sat down with “The Agile Web” author and host of the The Agile World Podcast, Greg Kihlström to better understand what balancing the two means. 


Kihlström delves into everything from marketing campaigns to brand agility and values. Here are some key takeaways from the discussion: 

1. Take risks and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You never know how people will react to a branding campaign until you actually put it out there. Even though your branding and logo may be changing, this doesn’t mean the goals at the heart of your company have to change. It may just be that the journey you take to communicate and achieve those goals is shifting to adapt to a new market landscape or what’s important to society at the time. Being a good marketer means balancing risk-taking with making safe bets, and learning from whatever repercussions come your way.

2. You don’t always have to go big or go home to communicate your values. Nike’s partnership with Colin Kaepernick exploded when they made him the face of the marketing campaign for the 30th anniversary of their slogan, “Just Do It.” This was Nike’s way of showing their support for Kaepernick protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem, but there is no requirement that companies make a statement this bold. In terms of communicating your company’s values, something seemingly as simple as prioritizing your customers’ experience can be just as effective. If you make a mistake, take extra steps to show your audience that you care and you’re working to better your company. The more you ensure that your customers know you care and you’re working towards being the best you can be, the more your values are going to resonate with your audience and increase brand loyalty.

3. Customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction. Every company is unique and has a certain way of making sure their employees are happy and feeling motivated. Company culture can either come organically or be created, much like values. Some companies spend a ton of money and time analyzing their own organization’s employee culture and others just try to have bonding activities here and there. Whatever your company’s approach is, motivated employees make for a better business, and a better business makes for happier customers. The cycle continues, but prioritizing your employees’ satisfaction as much as you do with your customers can help your brand stay agile and communicate its core values.

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