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In the rapidly evolving marketing landscape, staying ahead of technological advancements is not just an option; it’s a necessity. As a forward-thinking marketing agency, we’re always looking for tools that streamline our operations and enhance the value we deliver to our clients. 

Recently, MG Labs completed a comprehensive evaluation of HubSpot AI, a suite of generative AI software and features in the popular CRM platform. This evaluation aimed at dissecting the use cases for HubSpot AI for marketing agencies and their clients. 

Here’s what we found:


The key advantages of HubSpot AI



A ChatGPT-powered chatbot with unique data sources, including the HubSpot CRM.

Key advantages:

  • Intuitive interface: Offers a user-friendly chat interface with a wide range of prompt templates, which significantly simplifies the user experience of having to type in long prompts.
  • Efficient task management: Streamlines Marketing Hub and Sales Hub tasks, such as database searches and updates; report generation; sales forecasting; and the creation of blogs, social posts, landing pages, and other marketing content.
  • Robust research capabilities: Excels in conducting detailed research, including prospect searches and competitive analysis that leverages demographic, firmographic, and technographic data.

Key disadvantages:

  • Data dependency: Effectiveness is significantly influenced by the quality of underlying data in Hubspot, limiting its utility significantly for Marketing Hub and Sales Hub tasks if there’s poor data hygiene.
  • Limited customization: Being templated prompt-based, it offers restricted customization. Unlike a ChatGPT, you can’t ask it just anything. Its training data is limited, and some of its features are bound to the clean and usable data available in the platform itself.


Campaign Assistant

An AI tool that helps with creating marketing campaign assets such as ads, emails, etc.

Key advantages:

  • Ad copy generation: Efficiently produces optimized ad copy for LinkedIn and Google Ads in those platforms’ native templates, blending AI insights with human creativity.
  • Strategic ideation: Provides a solid foundation for creative brainstorming and campaign planning.

Key disadvantages:

  • Generic content creation: Email and landing page functionalities produce content that can feel too templated or overly verbose, diminishing its use and value.
  • Lacks comprehensive features: While adept at generating ad copy, it does not extend to creating accompanying images, requiring additional tools to support ad creation.


Content Writer

AI-powered writing assistant available across the Hubspot marketing, sales, and service platform.

Key advantages:

  • Creative kickstart: Helps overcome creative blocks, facilitating starting points for blogs, social media posts, and more.
  • Seamless integration: Works well within the HubSpot ecosystem, offering a streamlined revision process with simple prompts.

Key disadvantages:

  • Limited CTA suggestions: Does not offer call-to-action recommendations, which could enhance the effectiveness of generated content.
  • Narrow focus: Primarily beneficial for initiating the content creation process, with a need for further human input for refinement and customization.


Summary takeaways


Our exploration into HubSpot AI has illuminated both its potential and its limitations. The suite offers a range of tools that can enhance efficiency and creativity in various marketing tasks. However, the effectiveness of these tools is often contingent upon the quality of the data they are fed and the limited narrow AI nature of the tools.

Hubspot AI offers practical solutions for automating and enhancing a variety of workstreams, from content ideas generation to brainstorming to enhancing research capabilities. But, its biggest value is the use of a unique templated prompting system, which speeds up the process of accurately prompting the AI. 

Disadvantages underscore the importance of data quality and the need for human oversight. The limitations in customization and the suite’s reliance on templates suggest that, while HubSpot AI can provide a strong starting point, human creativity, expertise, and time spent learning and working in the platform (just like any other software) remain important to get the most out of it.

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