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The Cyber Marketing Society just launched its inaugural CyberMarketing Con 2020, offering numerous panels and intriguing discussions in order to help cyber marketing and PR professionals succeed. Scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 23rd, at 10am ET, the session “How to Rise Above the Cyber PR Noise: Using the Right Strategies to Increase Valuation & Drive Demand” is a “must-see” for all conference attendees. 

The panel discussion—featuring industry veterans like Tim Wilson, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of Dark Reading; Meredith Corley, Head of Security External Communications + PR at Cisco; and our very own Michelle Schafer, Senior Vice President of the Security Practice at Merritt Group—will provide the blueprint for cyber marketing and PR success.

Specifically crafted for cybersecurity leaders, marketers and PR professionals alike, this panel will not only be posing key questions to consider when strategizing how to stand out in a crowded and constantly-evolving industry, but also drawing on their own experiences to offer recommendations and best practices on how to successfully break through all of the noise. 

Among the topics up for discussion include:

  • What do cyber marketing shops need to consider in building a PR/AR plan?
  • Why is Cyber PR different vs. other industries?
  • Why getting the messaging right is critical / Where your message will fall down or succeed?
  • What are some creative methods to cut through the cyber noise?
  • How to craft a message that can be understood – and will grab attention by the media and analysts
  • The role of data/threat reports/great content in generating media buzz
  • How to utilize your CEO in building thought leadership

Cybersecurity marketing and PR is not for the faint of heart. To be successful and get your voice heard and respected, you need to be aggressive, creative, while also understanding the topics and trends that the cyber community currently cares about. Because this landscape is often noisy and complex for many marketing and PR professionals, it primarily comes down to strong, personal relationships and knowing what will drive unique conversations forward. 

We’re looking forward to diving deeper into these topics and hope to “see” you there. Register for CyberMarketing Con 2020 today!

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