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Technology is the tie that binds for our clients. And when that industry serves as your backbone, you have to challenge yourself to constantly evolve.

We are acutely aware of that here at Merritt Group, where we’ve spent 20 years perfecting the balance between offering our clients our deep domain expertise and delivering results. Through the years this has been our differentiator, and as we continue to grow alongside our clients, we set on a path to evolve our services to reflect their needs. And by refreshing our website, we are doubling down on that commitment to change.

Our clients keep dreaming big — an exciting prospect for a bunch of strategic thinkers with undyingly curiosity. We’ve taken a Swiss army knife approach to that challenge, ensuring we have the right balance of tools for any campaign. By transitioning from a purebred PR firm into a marketing, PR and creative services agency, we’re providing our clients with an arsenal of options to plug and play into their campaigns.

Nestled inside that blend of services is a trend that mirrors many of the industries we represent — data-driven solutions. The field of marketing has evolved into a science, where we have more insight into buyer behavior and patterns than ever before. And we can tailor all that information through marketing automation, ensuring your message can natively reach your buyer. At Merritt Group, we make sure your marketing or communications strategy is grounded in the deep understanding we have of your market and your buyer. Without industry understanding, it’s impossible to come up with campaigns that truly stick or move the needle.

A big part of being able to offer top-notch services steeped in domain expertise is our dedicated staff. They are on the front lines, working as partners with our clients day in and day out. We’ve always placed a premium on creating a progressive agency culture and benefits that closely reflect the creative tech industry we serve. We are always looking for ways to reinvent ourselves, and this website refresh gives us another channel to highlight the agency’s focus on its culture — on the Who We Are page — as a key cornerstone of who we are as a firm. A big part of that culture is our commitment to our pro bono clients and to our charity work. Giving is in our DNA, and it serves as an opportunity for us to apply our unwavering passion to inspiring causes in our D.C. and San Francisco communities.

This new website represents all of those evolutions — both in our business strategy and through our staff — in the two decades since we opened our doors. By marrying our domain expertise to our pledge to serve our clients across an array of services, we are pioneering a new age at Merritt Group — Rare Marketing for Any Medium, Well Done

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