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Giving_Visibility_IOT_blog_4When Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of Things” in 1999, he meant something very specific about the term. In an article on 10 years later, Ashton wrote that computers and the Internet are ultimately dependent on us, people, for data. The role of the Internet of Things (IoT), he goes on to say, is to capture data with the accuracy and attention that people don’t have. To collect information and store it in a way that can be applied to systems and technology to improve processes and intuitively manage complex infrastructure and power needs, for example. What better application for this type of technology than to ensure power stability for government and hospital facilities where it is absolutely critical for operations to keep the proverbial “lights on”?

Blue Pillar is an emerging company that provides critical energy and power management solutions for both centralized multi-site facilities, like hospital systems and college campuses, and complex single sites like government buildings and military bases. The energy IoT solutions Blue Pillar delivers enable facilities to decrease power costs, reduce energy waste and become more resilient in the face of natural disasters and other emergencies.

Although Blue Pillar’s offerings are powerful and innovative, it was difficult to break through in a highly competitive market flooded with large energy companies who were dabbling in similar software and solutions.

Blue Pillar approached Merritt Group with the exciting challenge of positioning this emerging player with a marketing strategy that would accomplish a number of tasks:

  • Help Blue Pillar differentiate their products and services

  • Establish the company and the CEO as thought leaders in a number of industries

  • Evolve the company story to reach C-level buyers

The solution to these challenges came in a multi-channel approach that would increase Blue Pillar’s exposure in the energy, healthcare, government infrastructure and tech industries; establish the CEO as the subject matter expert he was; and to increase Blue Pillar’s online presence in a number of ways. The campaign involved messaging development, media relations, content development, speaking and awards programs, analyst relations, social media support and even a pay-per-click advertising component. All of these strategies coincided with a product launch for the company’s Aurora and Avise Foresite energy management solutions.

Merritt Group was able to secure feature coverage in a number of industry publications, and wrote thought leadership pieces that positioned the company around trends such as energy IoT and centralized facility management. Additionally, Merritt Group secured five speaking engagements for Blue Pillar’s CEO at key industry events. The pay-per-click campaign exceeded expectation by bringing in 1,564 qualified clicks into the web site, which also helped raise brand awareness and reach C-level buyers.

Merritt Group specializes in understanding a business’s unique selling proposition and communicating its brand to increase exposure and positive industry opinion. As technology moves more and more into an IoT environment, we are there to help you reach the audience you need to grow your business.

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