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Here are my top industry stories for today’s Friday5 round up: Snapchat, Buzzwords, Twitpic, Content Raven and censorship.

  1. Snapchat Steps On Twitter’s Toes, Lets You Follow Remote Events Live (TechCrunch, August 29): Want to experience something from a different perspective. How about tens, hundreds, or thousands of different takes? The way we tell stories has fundamentally changed – and thanks to technology – and become more visual. Take Snapchat’s latest announcement for instance. Users can now contribute or thread snaps together from a single event. Let’s just hope they’re just not all selfies. 
  2. 8 Media Buzzwords That We’ve Lost Forever (AdWeek, September 1): Disruption, responsive design, iterate, reimagine, hacking, paradigm shift, synergy, the Tinder of…Who’s sad to see any of these fade away? Not me.
  3. Twitpic Is Shutting Down, and It’s Blaming Twitter (TIME, September 4): All I have to say is don’t mess with Twitter. “Unfortunately we do not have the resources to fend off a large company like Twitter to maintain our mark which we believe whole heartedly is rightfully ours… Therefore, we have decided to shut down Twitpic,” said founder Noah Everett. 
  4. Content Raven Jumps On The Sales And Marketing Analytics Bandwagon (Forbes, September 5): Everyone wants to make better, more informed decisions when it comes to developing smart sales and marketing strategies. Over the last few months, a number of platforms – including Twitter – have announced new or enhanced data analytics offerings. What do you think about Content Raven?
  5. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Grapple With Islamic State Censorship (US News & World Report, September 5): How and what to censor when is a real problem Facebook, Twitter, etc. sites are grappling with. In the case of ISIS, the social media-savvy organization is using these tools to recruit and spread propaganda. But where do we draw the line between free speech and extremism when it comes to censoring social content?

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