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Here are my top industry stories for today’s #Friday5 round up: Facebook Video, 9/11, Pitching Ethics and more:

  1.  With a Big Push From Facebook, Facebook Video Is Booming. Heads Up, YouTube (Re/Code, September 8, 2014): Facebook is serving up more video, particularly to those who seem to like video. What’s the mean for us? Content developers need to keep up with the right types of clips that will get the right kind of clicks.
  2. I Read and Replied to Every Single PR Email I Received for a Week (Newsweek, September 10, 2014): I had to chuckle as Zach Schonfeld’s PR pitch experiment. It just goes to show that any PR person worth their salt needs to DO THEIR RESEARCH and make sure what they’re pitching is relevant.
  3. How Has the Media Changed Since 9/11? (, September 11, 2014): I think many of us can remember where we were that day. This story takes in interesting look at how that day has changed media coverage as a whole. User-generated media, coverage, social media, online news, and respect are all mentioned as areas that have been forever changed.
  4. Emotion vs. Data-driven marketing: The biggest challenges (TheNextWeb, September 11, 2014): “As the infancy that is the data-emotion mash-up begins to mature, even greater challenges lie ahead. In order to overcome these hurdles and keep up with the race, marketers need to focus on both quantitative and qualitative elements.”
  5. PR pitch: We’ll pay you to mention our clients (CNBC, September 12, 2014): Yikes. Just yikes, people.

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