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At Merritt Group, staying ahead of cutting-edge technology in addition to marketing and public relations trends is at the very root of our agency’s core values. Whether it’s expanding our expertise in all things digital marketing (performance marketing, content marketing, creative services, etc.) or keeping up with the ever-changing tech landscape, our team gets goosebumps just thinking about creative possibilities that inspire real change within the rest of the market.

To continue on our growth path, we’re excited to announce that Merritt Group’s Business Technology Group (BTG) practice is rebranding its team name to a more fitting title, and will now be called the (drumroll please)… Emerging Technology Group (ETG)! Merritt Group’s previously named BTG team has been keeping a keen eye on the evolution of market technologies and how they are enabling companies to conduct business differently.

Over the last few years, our team has been responsible for bringing never-before-seen technologies to the forefront, and making them top of mind as businesses look to the future. As the world of tech has continued to rapidly progress, we’ve seen wireless technology transform the way we communicate – think 5G; analytics developments rise and fall as “news”; and artificial intelligence (AI) go from hype to reality. To keep up with these changes, we thought it only fitting to transform too and realign our team’s name to better represent our core expertise.  

The newly branded ETG team has a passion for the hottest and most innovative technology trends that are capable of changing the status quo, but have not reached their full potential in terms of adoption and market opportunity – hence the term “emerging.” ETG has a clear vision on how to help emerging tech companies transform the world with their breakthrough technology, and make a name for themselves in these often over-crowded markets.

To kickoff ETG’s shift into this new market of technology, we’ve already started working with companies that are making waves in their respective fields. With new clients in markets like quantum computing, synthetic data, sensor technology and so much more, we’ve set out on a path that is only looking forward to the future. These companies approach us looking to break through the noise and hype of the mighty tech giants, and showcase their unique technologies. Here are a few to get us started:

  • IonQ (quantum computing): What’s quantum computing you ask? You’re not alone in wondering, given there are only a handful of experts on the topic in the world. IonQ is working on a computer so great, supercomputers don’t even come close. Different from other players in the field, IonQ is using lasers to trap atomic ions, taking on the massive problem of scalability in quantum computing. These computers are said to offer a promising future in being able to solve some of the world’s largest problems in finance, medicine and more. Don’t plan on seeing them in action any time soon though – we’re still at least 10 years away from this advancement.
  • Neuromation (synthetic data): Neuromation tackles one of the biggest barriers of entry for artificial intelligence: readily available, correct, timely and labeled data. Neuromation’s mission is to empower more companies around the world to build smarter AI applications using computer vision and synthetic data. Synthetic data is digitally created training data that enhances and/or substitutes real-world data for building smarter AI applications. Neuromation enables companies to stop wasting time scavenging and struggling to scrape together training data, and focus on innovation instead with the help of synthetic data.
  • CalAmp (IoT): Connecting anything from vehicles, to heavy freight, to small construction equipment, CalAmp is the go-to for all things IoT (Internet of Things). CalAmp’s technology is tackling things like stolen vehicle recovery (with its wholly owned subsidiary, LoJack); offering safer and more reliable micro mobility – like e-scooters, bikes and docking options; tracking expensive construction equipment on site and in real time; and the list goes on. CalAmp strives to offer connectivity and helpful insights into our day-to-day lives.

As we continue to expand our footprint in emerging tech, we’re tracking the trends and keeping a pulse on top contenders and market opportunities to stay in-the-know. In doing so, we’re always seeking ways to better help our clients identify their place in the crowded world of tech, and stand out. We hope you join us on our journey to help others meet the Jetson-like expectations that technology and the world command of us!

Stay tuned for more insights on top emerging tech trends from our ETG team. Coming up next is a blog series that’ll dive deeper into these trends, and what they mean from a business and PR perspective.

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