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Self-Driving Cars, Blockchain, Quantum Computing: Technology Goes Futuristic at CES 2018

Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and this year’s unveilings at CES are testing that adage. From self-driving cars to blockchain, here are some of the debuts from the Las Vegas event that shined brightly, even in the face of a power outage.

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Business Technologies That Will Transform Your Enterprise in 2018

The latest developments that encompass the business technology market/space — from artificial intelligence (AI), to digital transformation to blockchain — are so much more than a string of buzzwords — they are a series of solutions that are reshaping enterprises for the 21st century. And these new developments are propelling business technology forward, delivering on some of the most promising concepts ever dreamed up that will reshape global economics and commerce.

Here’s where the industry is set to go in 2018, with vivid insights from Merritt Group leaders.

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The Biggest Trends in Security for 2018

Security — it’s the word on everyone’s lips, from the first-year employee to the C-suite. It may seem hard to imagine what could happen next in this sector, but Merritt Group’s expert Security Practice team has some keen insights on what’s to come for the security B2B market, with its endless quick-turn, hot-button issues.

Here’s what they have to say about what security will bring in 2018.

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Merritt Group Gets Merry for Local Charities This Holiday Season

December at Merritt Group means one thing — it’s time for Merry Week of Giving! Each holiday season, the Merritt Group team pitches in and helps out local charities in a weeklong effort that brings out the spirit of giving in each of us.

Last week, we volunteered for four different events, each with its own unique cause that enriches the lives of the people — and pets — around us.

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5 Key Takeaways From The Washington Post’s Cybersecurity Summit

Earlier this month, Merritt Groupers Laura Asendio and Melanie Ford joined business executives, leading cybersecurity experts and privacy advocates at The Washington Post headquarters in Washington, D.C., for its Cybersecurity Summit.

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4 CyberTalks Lessons Worth Talking About

Last week, CyberScoop hosted the first annual D.C.-based CyberWeek, including dozens of events spread across the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. The anchor event, CyberTalks, featured speakers from government and industry alike, spreading the message that all cybersecurity experts and decision-makers must collaborate on issues that threaten our government. Among predictions and possibilities, case studies and consequences, these are the four lessons that stood out:

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