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3 Benefits of Research-Powered Thought Leadership

Does thought leadership still matter to government audiences?

That was the core question that I discussed with Aaron Heffron of Market Connections as part of their webinar series on marketing to the Federal Government. The short answer is yes, but you should still keep reading.

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Why Long-Form Content is (Still) Critical to Engaging Government Buyers

Long-form content marketing is dead, right?

Our attention spans have dropped to a disturbing low of 8 seconds, so content has to be visual, short and simple to engage target audiences. That’s what the marketing world has been collectively preaching for the past decade. While that sentiment isn’t totally wrong, it doesn’t reflect the nuanced world we live in. The fact remains that various content formats have different goals, and make sense at different points in the buying cycle – especially in the government market.

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Why Digital Marketing is the Best Way to Reach Federal Leaders

Federal is an old-school market that requires an old-school marketing approach. Right?

Not exactly. Successful contractors are going digital.

That’s one of the key takeaways from the 2018 Government Contractor Study that we recently produced in partnership with Market Connections and the Professional Services Council to find out what works in federal contractor marketing and business development.

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How to Position Your Company for Federal RFP Success

Winning federal government business is hard. There are long procurement cycles, budget fluctuations and rapidly-changing acquisition strategies. So how do the most successful contractors position themselves to win in this increasingly competitive industry?

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FCMR 2017: The Hottest Trends in Federal Content Marketing Explained

Last week, Merritt Group and our event partner, research services company Market Connections, hosted the second Federal Content Marketing Research conference. The event reviewed trends in the B2G marketing space through the lens of a survey of government employers and contractors both inside the Beltway and around the country.

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What IoT Means For Government Agencies, Contractors, and Integrators

Internet of Things (IoT) has already begun to transform the way governments operate, but some agencies are further along than others.

A recent GovLoop survey of 800 public sector workers found that 49 percent had never heard of IoT, 15 percent weren't sure what it meant, and only a small percentage indicated that their organization or agency was actually exploring or currently using IoT. So there’s still some education that needs to take place, but the pockets of success are already rolling in.

The DoD has been leading the charge on innovative uses of sensors and connected devices to meet its mission, and state and local governments are embracing IoT technologies to create “smart cities.” Let’s take a look at how IoT is driving efficiencies and better decision-making across these two sectors and how companies can position themselves for success as IoT evolves.

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