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How Location Data Enables Smart Cities and Local Governments

There are many challenges facing today’s cities, including aging infrastructure, rapid development, climate change and populations growing at unprecedented rates. And, as budgets shrink and populations rise, the pressure is on for local governments to accomplish more with less and keep their citizen’s both safe and happy. Because so many government activities are inherently location-centric, accessing and understanding location-related data can be critical to solving these challenges. Location data is instrumental to intelligent city planning and development, and it’s growing at a rapid rate due to advances in internet of things and mobile.

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Top Tips for Tier-One Media Coverage

It’s no secret that today’s readers are inundated with headlines from a wide range of news outlets with an even wider range of topics. This media deluge is only promised to grow, so how can you make sure your client’s news floats above the rest of the information flood?

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