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LoB_Blog-HeaderLooking for some industry insights and the latest tips and tricks to listen to on the commute to work, at your desk, or relaxing at home? Well, you’re in luck! Merritt Group has officially launched a new podcast series, Lay of the Brand, where we sit down with the leading industry experts to discuss the top innovations in marketing, creative and PR – and the way these disciplines are revolutionizing how the tech industry communicates – and sells to the world.

Expect to hear from academics, journalists, practitioners and other tech industry thought leaders as they discuss the latest tech industry marketing and PR issues, challenges, trends and innovations. Check out our episode lineup thus far:

Branding Your Company Amid Industry Disruption

Whether small, medium-sized or part of the big leagues, how do organizations take their public affairs and communications from skittish and reactive to powerful and proactive? On this Lay of the Brand episode, Merritt Group asks Amber Allman, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Gannett and former head of Global Public Affairs at Yahoo! how organizations can successfully navigate the business to success, even during the most radical industry shifts and disruptions.

Reputation Management in the Tech Industry: Challenges and Strategies

Reputation can make or break a brand in an age where information can be instantaneously tweeted and texted. So how do tech companies maintain their brand integrity in an especially disruptive industry where innovation inevitably raises new questions about privacy, trade and community commitment? In this episode of Lay of the Brand, you’ll hear seasoned insights and advice from a panel of experts hosted by George Mason’s Department of Communications and Career Services including: Jack Speer, National NPR Anchor; Tonya Neff Klause, Communications Director at Microsoft; and Shahed Ahmed, Senior Vice President and Partner at Merritt Group.

Building Positive Brand Perception in the Tech Industry

Positive brand perception is critical to building customer loyalty and increasing customer confidence in your organization and product. But as seen with tech companies like Facebook, it’s easier said than done. On this Lay of the Brand episode, Merritt Group speaks with Serge Samoilenko, a Communications Professor at George Mason University, who will delve into his own research on reputation and brand management – and the strategies the tech industry can’t afford to ignore.

How to Create an Agile Brand

When it comes to branding, gone are the days where you can just “set it and forget it.” In this episode of Lay of the Brand, Merritt Group speaks with award-winning author of the Agile Brand and host of the Agile World Podcast, Greg Kihlström, to learn about how organizations can apply agile methodology to create a continually evolving brand that stays true to its values and keeps up with customers and competitors in a modern, rapidly-moving world.

Sound interesting? Well, you can check it out for yourself! Subscribe to the podcast here, and take a listen on your preferred audio platform.

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