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Case Study: ASRC Federal Creating a Unique Federal Brand and Website

Case Study Results


ASRC Federal is a leading government services organization, whose family of companies and team of roughly 8,000 employees provide a broad range of services to federal government agencies. The company needed to redo its messaging and branding from the ground up to more accurately reflect its breadth of offerings and unique culture. And, launch an entirely new website that accurately captures its core value proposition, differentiation, offerings and expertise.


Merritt Group conducted extensive primary and secondary research on the company, offerings, culture and capabilities, as well as competitors, markets and buyers to develop messaging and a brand strategy that more holistically and accurately represents the company in the federal market. Under the direction of ASRC Federal’s CMO and Marketing VP, and with input from the leadership team, we developed more of a lifestyle brand look, which captured the essence of ASRC Federal’s people and its roots as an Alaska Native Corporation. We brought the brand to life on a website that’s eye-catching, modern and aligned to the target markets and buyer journey. The end result was a visually stunning, engaging and functional brand and website that helped ASRC Federal stand out in a crowded marketplace.