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Like any good cybersecurity marketer, we understand that our goal is to help our clients get their messages in front of the right influencers via the right channels with the right content that will resonate with the right decision maker(s).

In the cybersecurity industry, the executive who makes the major purchasing decisions is usually the CSO, or CISO. Other IT leadership may be involved but, for many large companies, the final decision is made by the CSO. So how do we get those messages and stories – the ones showing why our clients’ products and services are filling critical needs in the market – in front of those CSOs? Well, what better way to find out, then to ask them!

Not only did we develop a CSO buyer persona and aggregate what secondary research we could find on this topic, we also reached into our “rolodexes” and asked a select group of influential CSOs some key questions:

  • What sources do they trust most for industry information?
  • Where do they look for information on new security vendors and technologies? What do they read and what events do they attend that may influence an investment decision?
  • Who do they respect and trust when it comes to understanding what’s going on in the cybersecurity industry?  

The responses were quite informative and useful for anyone wanting  to learn more about marketing to the CSO. The Merritt Group Security Practice put together a handy eBook, “Reaching and Understanding the Chief Security Officer Buyer.” Check it out here for more insights, and we’d love to hear your thoughts as well. And if you’re a security marketer, read carefully – it might help as you make your marketing and PR investment decisions for next year!


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